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Mike Freeman k7uij at panix.com
Sun Jun 19 21:41:00 UTC 2011

What ... spending too much at our auctions or practicing their cane travel
skills? (grin)


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I commend them for that. 

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Hello, everyone.


Periodically, Elizabeth Lalonde, President of the Canadian Federation of the
Blind, holds "cane walks" to give members and other interested parties
practice with cane use and to provide a vehicle for introduction of
"structured discovery learning" methodology into O&M instruction in Canada.
We must remember that this is a relatively new concept to our friends from
the North.


At any rate, I thought the post below describing recent adventures was worth
passing on. Those who've attended our state conventions will remember Doris
- she always helps us by buying more than is prudent at our auctions! (grin)
keep it up, Doris!


Mike Freeman



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Hi all,

We had a good cane walk today.  We first met at the Traveller's Inn at 11 AM
and ate breakfast.  Then Elizabeth gave us cane travel tips that she had
learned at the Louisiana Center for the Blind.  Afterwards we spent about 2
hours travelling with sleep shades on.  Some of us only travelled along
Douglas Street and some of us got almost as far as our new office location.
Once back at the hotel we stopped in for drinks and dinner.  It was a fun
day and it was good to practise again, since we haven't done it in some
time.  Thank you Elizabeth for your mentoring and your kind, positive
support.  Cheers, Doris

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