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Please be a bit more specific re "early blind". Do you mean those who've
been totally blind from birth or does the category include those of us who
had/have light perception and possibly shadow and/or large object perception
but have never seen enough to read, drive or effectively use what we in NFB
call "visual techniques" for daily tasks?

Thanks in advance.


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Dear All, 


We're looking for early blind participants for a study examining auditory
motion processing. Please forward this on to anyone you think might be


Many thanks




 Dr. Ione Fine at the University of Washington is looking for participants
for a study that examines the effects of blindness on the ability to process
tactile and auditory stimuli. It is thought that because visual loss
increases the need to rely on other senses, the abilities of blind people to
process auditory and tactile information (particularly auditory motion
processing) may be better than that of sighted people. 


We are examining how this happens in the brain. If you choose to participate
you will be asked to participate in behavioral and/or MR experiments.


We are currently only looking for participants who are able to participate
in the MR part of the study. You will be asked to participate in one or two
MR imaging sessions (each session lasts up to 2 hours, and each session will
be carried out on a different day). Participants will simply lie in 

 the scanner and keep their head and body still while performing a simple
auditory task. The time within the scanner will be no longer than 75
minutes. Participants will be paid $45/hour for imaging sessions (including
travel time). Transportation (using a car service) to and from the
University of Washington will be provided free of charge.


Participants participating in the MR experiments must have no metal objects
in or on the body during the scan.


Currently we are only recruiting participants who became blind (using the
definition of having visual acuity of light perception or worse) before the
age of three. 


Anyone at all interested in volunteering should contact Dr. Ione Fine at the
phone number or email address below for more information. 


If we have used you as a subject previously, please mention that in your
email/phone message. This will not exclude you from the current study.


Eligibility: To participate you must be 18 years of age or older. You should
be blind due to damage to the eyes or optic nerve (not cortical impairment),
should have no history of claustrophobia, and no metal objects can be in or
on the body during the scan.


Contact Information:     Ione Fine, 206-685-6157

ionefine at u.washington.edu



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