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Subject: Dancing Dots Summer Presentations: Houston (TATN), Orlando (NFB), and Seattle (AHEAD): Accessible Music Technology

Please forward the following information to anyone who might be interested
to attend.

In addition to our presence at the Texas Assistive Technology Network in
Houston next week and the National Federation of the Blind convention in
Orlando next month, Dancing Dots will be giving a special presentation
sponsored by Washington State Services for the Blind in Seattle on July 11.
We will also present and exhibit at the 2011 AHEAD conference July 12-15.  

For details on upcoming events, please see www.DancingDots.com and follow
"Training" link to our Conferences and Training Events page.  Scroll down to
the heading that says:
Conferences, Presentations and Demonstrations 

Here's a description of the presentation planned for July 11 in Seattle.
There is no cost to attend but you must contact Mr. Cho to reserve your



Monday, July 11, from 1 to 4 PM at the offices of 
Washington State Department of Services for the Blind 
3411 S. Alaska St., 
Seattle,  WA  98118

To reserve a place and for more information, contact:
Mr. Yang-su Cho 
yancho at dsb.wa.gov

How do blind and low vision people read and write music?  Can I read
magnified music notation while I play my instrument?  Isn't that braille
music code impossibly hard to learn?  How can blind producers make great
sounding records independently?  How can blind and low vision people
participate in music groups with sighted musicians?  

To learn the answers to these and related questions, you are invited to
attend a presentation given by Bill McCann, founder and president of Dancing
DotsR.  This special presentation is sponsored by the Washington State
Department of Services for the Blind.

.	Even if you consider yourself to be one of the singing-impaired,
join in with the group as we zip through Richard Taesch's 7 Little Steps to
Braille Music Literacy.  You will receive instruction on reading actual
braille music. Through clapping out rhythmic patterns and singing simple
melodies, we will take the mystery out of reading braille music.  Dancing
optional but not discouraged.

.	Next, you will get an overview of how to use technology for
scanning/importing, editing and transcribing printed music into accessible
formats for blind and low vision students.  Access methods include braille
music, magnified standard print music, and musical and verbal descriptions
of notes and chords.  

.	McCann will demonstrate how he can notate his own musical ideas,
proof and revise them, and finally print them out for sighted people to
perform his composition.  

.	You will witness a demonstration of The Lime Lighter music-reading
device and hear ideas on ways to use this new device to improve how low
vision people practice and perform music.

.	In a very short time, you will learn how a hit record can be made by
a blind producer working independently.  Well, OK, a record anyhow.  You can
rate it on the good old American Bandstand "Rate-a-Record" scale of 35 to
98. Does it have a beat?  Can you dance to it?  (Again, dancing optional). 

.	There will be time for questions and answers and, if possible, for
you to try using the Lime Lighter and our other technologies.  

.	Feel free to bring print music scores with you that we can scan and
convert to your preferred accessible format: magnified staff notation,
braille music, or "talking" score.  Bring your musical instrument along if
you would like to take a turn at reading braille or magnified print music
and maybe even to get a recording credit on the hit record we're going to

.	See www.DancingDots.com for details and audio/visual presentations.


Bill McCann 
Founder and President of Dancing Dots since 1992
Tel: [001] 610-783-6692

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