[nfbwatlk] The May Meeting Highlights

Kay Burrows theladykathryn4one at juno.com
Sun Jun 12 03:36:01 UTC 2011

Apologies for posting these late. List Summery of 5-21-11 meeting




The Greater Seattle Chapter met in the still new location of Bruno's
Restaurant on 3rd Ave downtown Seattle.


President Mike Mello began his report with disscussion of The Washinton
Talking book and Braille library and the annual 10 squared tea, where
readers 100 years old and older are honored.  He then announced the DSB
acquisition of new and better aptartments 

for the OTC>


He told us of how budget cutsmay prevent having grades Kindergarten through
3rd grade    It was announced that Dean Stengem was nominated for the NFB
Educator of the Year.  by Mike Freeman and Noel Nightingale.


We then had a conversation reguarding the fall convention .  The possibility
of car pooling with Sno-King chapter was brought up.  Hey there Sno-King are
you interested? Todd Armantrout offered to drive in a car pooleven if it is
a ten passenger van.  We will be firming that up befire too long.


We have purchased the I-Pod Touch and will be selling the tickets, which can
be picked up at Jim Janney's Stand at the downtwn Post Office.


Now for the news many of you have been waiting for.  We will be having our
picnic on July 23rd and Jim and Noel's house.  Many thanks to them!  There
will be no charge this year, but do request pot luck item  More reguarding
the picnic to follow.  As in others you are more welcome and we look forward
to seeing you.s 


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