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> From: Dave Uhlman <dave11 at hearandthere.net>
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> Subject: Hear and There Audio Magazine on ACB Radio  this week Birds in the Neighborhood

> H&T is broadcast Monday at 11pm est and  Tuesday in the mornings at 2, 5, 8, 11am and in the afternoon at 2, 5, 8 eastern on ACB Radio Mainstream.  Full episode broadcast times below, Can't wait, Wanna listen now?  Program details below, Check out this link to listen,    http://bit.ly/mb5lRz  
> This week;
> In this episodes my brother Tom and I talk about birds we hear outside my window. Tom is a nature photographer so I call him the wildlife Paparazzi. We talk about the birds sounds and habits. Featured are the Blue Jay, Robin, Chickadee, House Sparrow and many others.
> Listen now at http://bit.ly/mb5lRz 
> Broadcast times below or Click on this link to see times and a link to listen on ACB Radio. http://hearandthere.net/Schedule.aspx
> Eastern Time US 
> Monday 11:00 P.M 
> Tuesday, 2:00 A.M 
> Tuesday, 5:00 A.M 
> Tuesday, 8:00 A.M 
> Tuesday, 11:00 A.M 
> Tuesday, 2:00 P.M 
> Tuesday, 5:00 P.M 
> Tuesday, 8:00 P.M  
> click this link to go to the schedule.  Then find the ACB link to listen live! http://hearandthere.net/Schedule.aspx
> Hear and there Audio Magazine,
> Hear what we are talking about, and you will feel like you are there!
> Dave Ühlman
> website  http://hearandthere.net/default.aspx
> If you would like to subscribe to the H&T Podcast, use this link in your podcatcher or add it to your Favorites feed list. http://duhlman.podbean.com/feed

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