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Perkins Products is introducing our own line of magnifiers, braille displays
and a deluxe Sudoku game! Learn
<http://support.perkins.org/site/R?i=9wQthxAD1UB7v2KBWzYYBw..> more about
our new products!

 <http://support.perkins.org/site/R?i=Zc6CH_Sgn2L-a92mt_irHw..> Photo. A
woman and a boy playing with Sudoku Touch. 	

A deluxe Sudoku game with large print and braille so everyone - low vision,
blind or sighted - can play! Makes a wonderful gift for anyone! 
Learn  <http://support.perkins.org/site/R?i=UPqwJ1dusf4AO8OKsuWsPw..> more!

Comes with:

*	40 Puzzles and Solution Guide in large print and braille 

*	Plastic Puzzle Grid to Hold Tiles 

*	Playing and Placeholder Tiles with Bold Numbers and Braille 

*	Attractive Birchwood Game Board with Tile Storage Drawer 

Additional items in our new line of products:

Perkins Products X-FACTOR OPTICS Handheld and Stand Magnifiers

High quality, German-made magnifiers at an affordable price. 

Learn  <http://support.perkins.org/site/R?i=ID3fefiouCdbuTyHbAmybA..> more
<http://support.perkins.org/site/R?i=BEcBT0pBdCoXCdwDwLMrfQ..> arrow

Perkins Products REFRESHABLE BRAILLE DISPLAYS, starting as low as $2,295 

A portable, flexible way to adapt netbooks, laptops, cell phones and iPads,
as well as desktop computers with refreshable braille displays.

Learn  <http://support.perkins.org/site/R?i=1jVc8h7yBbmunHmoHKRSIQ..> more
<http://support.perkins.org/site/R?i=eANdj_YYzBNXMK6Y8OvEtg..> arrow

Shop  <http://support.perkins.org/site/R?i=ec35kuWSkyeK7J7mSgSIew..> Online
at www.perkinsproducts.org or contact us at +1-617-972-7308.

Every purchase helps Perkins School for the Blind continue its education and
support programs around the world.


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Blog icon	 
Have you seen Gayle Unplugged?
Welcome to the lighter side of Perkins Products. This part of our website is
also known as "hints for real life." Gayle's blog explores how people who
are blind cope with the situations that occur each day.
<http://support.perkins.org/site/R?i=Ihkr2n6MTlfrUOs70P1_Pg..> Read more.



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