[nfbwatlk] Less than minimum wage ?

Humberto Avila avila.bert.humberto2 at gmail.com
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Yes, I agree that there are some people who, due to some really extenuating
disability, can not produce a product that is not even worth minimum wage.
However, not blind people.  Blindness is not, and will not be, an
extenuating disability in which I am preventing myself to work, and blind
people can produce a product or service that could be much more than minimum
wage--and, if a blind person should earn minimum wage, he or she must be
able to do so, and competitively like the other people that earn minimum

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It is the opinion of this writer that there should be some exemptions to the
minimum wage law.  There are many individuals who cannot produce a product
or service that is worth even minimum wage.  I think those who should be on
the excmption list include about 75% of congress, the IRS, the social
security administration and my internet provider's No HELP desk.

Paul Van Dyck



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