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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Sat Jan 8 23:11:21 UTC 2011

The whole world can't be free.  He has expenses etc., and must 
support himself!  Ten dollars is pretty nominal -- as these things go.


At 05:05 PM 1/8/2011, you wrote:
>I wonder, is this guy trying to make his living by bringing users to
>purchase his program? If I was him, I would've made the software available
>free of charge to all blind persons out there to have a more  accessible
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>All prices in this message are in US dollars.  -Steve.
>From:    Roger R. Cusson rrc at ime.net
>Greetings Folks,
>With the very recent initial software release of a truly wonderful Pandora
>third party interface known as: HOPE, a blind-friendly approach for Pandora,
>we are now on equal footing with all of the other Pandora Radio listeners
>out there.
>For the uninitiated, Pandora Radio, found at:
>is a very innovative web site, that seeks to allow users to set up various
>radio stations, based on their musical preferences, both by individual
>artist and or specific genres.
>The Pandora radio site is almost completely unusable by blind folks with
>screen reading technology, as they rely on Adobe's extensive use of Flash
>technology, to deliver all of the usable web content and adjustments to
>account options and the music player.
>Pandora is much more than just a radio or music web site that actually finds
>music based upon your specific and wide ranging solutions but I do not feel
>like writing all of that crap out. I am not nearly as good as my friend Hap
>Holly, is at spinning a good yarn.
>Basically, the visually impaired developer of Qwitter, a third party
>application layer gateway for the popular social networking site, Twitter,
>has gone and done it again with his extremely unique approach to Pandora.
>Based on some Python programming skills, and some excellent use of the
>Pandora very secret XML technology, he has made a completely accessible
>interface to the Pandora site...
>It is $10.00 which seems to be a one time purchase for as many updates as he
>can try to write, before his fingers fall off.
>The developer, Chris Toth has made a truly usable interface to Pandora. Once
>you configure a few stations, either based on artist or genre, you will
>never listen to Internet radio quite the same way again. No commercials, no
>speaking in between the tracks, just good music of all styles.
>Pandora uses your suggestions to essentially pick songs and artists in or
>close to the same musical style or genre/sound.
>It is unbelievable!!!
>Chris with his HOPE application has made the Pandora experience completely
>blind-friendly by eliminating having to even use the Pandora site.
>A blind user cannot even independently create their initial account on the
>Pandora's.com web site. With H O P E, all all all things are usable and all
>account creation, and all of the same interactions that a sighted user would
>experience, have been built directly into Pandora's third party gateway, H O
>P E.
>The H O P E program can be found at:
>I want everyone who is interested to visit Chris's site, and ask him
>questions and of course purchase the program to further the development of
>Believe me, from a fellow who has used Pandora since 2006, his program was
>well worth waiting for.
>Check it out, and hope you enjoy the accessible experience that HOPE brings
>to Pandora.com
>If anyone wants to contact the Pandora support staff, in case they have
>questions or want to purchase for 36 bucks per year, a unlimited listening
>experience, please e-mail:
>support at pandora.com
>The subscription process is only technically open to U.S. subscribers,
>unless, you happen to have a proxy gateway to make it look like you are in
>fact in the U.S. That is another discussion for another time...

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