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Please pass on...Dan

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Subject: FW: WSDOT Grant Review

Hello Everyone,
The Pierce County Coordinated Transportation Coalition was asked to forward this message:

From: Chartock, Donald
Sent: Monday, January 10, 2011 5:45 PM
To: Chartock, Donald
Subject: WSDOT Grant Review

WSDOT is looking for volunteers to review grants for the Public Transportation Division's Consolidated Grant Program.  Each biennium, WSDOT establishes evaluation teams that review applications and make recommendations to WSDOT regarding project priorities.  If you are interested please nominate yourself.  If you are associated with one of the organizations below please consider nominating someone to be a reviewer and/or forward this email to interested parties.

We are looking for anyone who is interested in rural or special needs transportation. The person might be a planner, transportation provider, social service provider, advocate or rider.  Only grant applicants (or those with a financial interest in an applicant's proposed project) are prohibited from reviewing grants.  It is estimated that it will take 30-40 hours over a period of 6 weeks (February 25 to April 8).  Anyone with an interest in participating should contact me at ChartoD at wsdot.wa.gov<mailto:ChartoD at wsdot.wa.gov>.
WSDOT works with the following agencies and organizations for representation on evaluation teams:
* Agency Council on Coordinated Transportation
* Washington State Department of Commerce
* Washington State Association of Counties or Washington State Association of Cities
* Community Transportation Association of the Northwest
* State or Regional Aging programs, such as the Area Agency on Aging or the Aging and Disability Services Administration

* State or regional representative from a Medicaid transportation program

* Washington State Transit Association

* Governor's Office on Indian Affairs or an individual representing Tribal Governments

* Community Action Councils

* Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission

* Rider advocates

* WSDOT staff

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the grant program.  Thanks for your consideration.

Don Chartock
Rural and Coordinated Transportation Administrator
WSDOT Public Transportation Division
Office 360.705.7928



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