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From:    Roger R. Cusson rrc at ime.net
Greetings Folks,
With the very recent initial software release of a truly wonderful Pandora
third party interface known as: HOPE, a blind-friendly approach for Pandora,
we are now on equal footing with all of the other Pandora Radio listeners
out there.
For the uninitiated, Pandora Radio, found at:
is a very innovative web site, that seeks to allow users to set up various
radio stations, based on their musical preferences, both by individual
artist and or specific genres.
The Pandora radio site is almost completely unusable by blind folks with
screen reading technology, as they rely on Adobe's extensive use of Flash
technology, to deliver all of the usable web content and adjustments to
account options and the music player.
Pandora is much more than just a radio or music web site that actually finds
music based upon your specific and wide ranging solutions but I do not feel
like writing all of that crap out. I am not nearly as good as my friend Hap
Holly, is at spinning a good yarn.
Basically, the visually impaired developer of Qwitter, a third party
application layer gateway for the popular social networking site, Twitter,
has gone and done it again with his extremely unique approach to Pandora.
Based on some Python programming skills, and some excellent use of the
Pandora very secret XML technology, he has made a completely accessible
interface to the Pandora site...
It is $10.00 which seems to be a one time purchase for as many updates as he
can try to write, before his fingers fall off.
The developer, Chris Toth has made a truly usable interface to Pandora. Once
you configure a few stations, either based on artist or genre, you will
never listen to Internet radio quite the same way again. No commercials, no
speaking in between the tracks, just good music of all styles.
Pandora uses your suggestions to essentially pick songs and artists in or
close to the same musical style or genre/sound.
It is unbelievable!!!
Chris with his HOPE application has made the Pandora experience completely
blind-friendly by eliminating having to even use the Pandora site.
A blind user cannot even independently create their initial account on the
Pandora's.com web site. With H O P E, all all all things are usable and all
account creation, and all of the same interactions that a sighted user would
experience, have been built directly into Pandora's third party gateway, H O
P E.
The H O P E program can be found at:
I want everyone who is interested to visit Chris's site, and ask him
questions and of course purchase the program to further the development of
Believe me, from a fellow who has used Pandora since 2006, his program was
well worth waiting for.
Check it out, and hope you enjoy the accessible experience that HOPE brings
to Pandora.com
If anyone wants to contact the Pandora support staff, in case they have
questions or want to purchase for 36 bucks per year, a unlimited listening
experience, please e-mail:
support at pandora.com
The subscription process is only technically open to U.S. subscribers,
unless, you happen to have a proxy gateway to make it look like you are in
fact in the U.S. That is another discussion for another time...
Respectfully submitted,
Roger R. Cusson
Computer Access Specialist
Seeing Hands Enterprises - Lisbon, Maine
(207) 353-5007
Skype Contact: rcusson

Regards Steve
Email:  srp at internode.on.net
MSN Messenger:  internetuser383 at hotmail.com
Skype:  steve1963
Twitter:  steve9782

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