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The story, I believe was first posted on one of our lists by Veronica 
Smith of New Mexico, but I am 99.9 percent sure she didn't write it 
-- don't know who did.


At 06:57 PM 12/25/2011, you wrote:
>Lauren, I wish I knew also.  It truly upsets me that people do not keep the
>name with the writing.  Though my guess is CJ Finefrock.  She was a very
>prolific writer on these lists.  This sounds like one she wrote, but I am
>just not sure.  CJ is from Texas and has had writings of hers plagiarized,
>so she does not put them on these lists any longer.
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>Oh, that's cute.  I wonder who wrote it.
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> >A Christmas Story.
> > One bright Christmas Eve, Santa Claus awoke looking forward to  taking
> > to the night sky on his sleigh. He got out of bed, pulled on his hat
> > and big red coat and opened the outside door to go and visit his trusty
> > reindeer.
> >
> > It was snowing and very cold. As Santa approached the stables, he
> > smiled  at the thought that he would soon see Rudolph's red nose
> > shining through the blizzard. But, oh no, wait a minute; as he turned
> > the corner, Santa saw not one but nine shiny red noses!
> >
> > Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and
> > Rudolph were all looking miserable.
> >
> > "Oh dear," said Santa, "what's up with you all?"
> >
> > Comet, the reindeer union rep, stepped forward.
> >
> > "I'm very sorry, but none of my reindeer will be able to do a full
> > night's present delivery shift," said Comet, looking sad. "This is the
> > first time we've ever wimped out on you, but we're all feeling lousy
> > this year Santa and, well, we feel you'd be better off with some other
> > helpers just this once."
> >
> > "Comet, this is disastrous news!" Santa held his head in his hands.
> > "I'm not sure I can get all the presents out to all the little boys
> > and girls without help from my reindeer."
> >
> > At this, Blitzen and Prancer stepped forward.
> >
> > "To be honest Santa, we had always worried something like this might
> > happen," said Blitzen, sounding very bunged up. "With this in mind,
> > some years ago Prancer decided to approach another group of magical
> > creatures with special powers who might be able to stand in during an
> > emergency."
> >
> > "Well, Prancer," Santa turned to the other reindeer whose eyes were
> > streaming, "Do tell me. What is your idea? Which other creatures of
> > the world have magical powers that can match those of my nine
> > wonderful reindeer, of whom so many songs are sung and tales are told?"
> >
> > "Why . . . Guide Dogs, of course!" smiled the reindeer. He turned
> > towards the snowy white plains of Greenland, tapped the ground three
> > times with his hoof, bowed his head and antlers, then majestically
> > reared up making a very loud calling sound that echoed round the four
> > corners of the planet.
> >
> > Within the space of thirty seconds, a shadow appeared far on the
> > horizon.
> > As it got bigger, Santa could just make out nine glowing black and
> > yellow labradors,  picked out in the arctic moonlight as they flew towards
> > him.
> >
> > "This year," continued Prancer, "your helpers will be: Buttons,
> > Goldie, Honey, Sam, Ben, Max, Anton, Lucy and Lassie."
> >
> > Santa and his deer stood and stared up at the approaching dogs, who
> > they could now hear barking. When the dogs landed they became silent;
> > the only noise was the north wind howling. Santa, awed by the sight,
> > was about to speak when the leading dog - Buttons - led a single note
> > chorus of howls as a salute to the reindeer whom they would replace this
> > year.
> > Happy, all  the reindeers saluted back and in unison returned to their
> > stables.
> >
> > "Greetings to you, Father Christmas," said Buttons. "Instead of being
> > with our blind owners this year, we want to bring smiles to the faces
> > of all the world's children. We're ready when you are."
> >
> > Santa smiled and beckoned the creatures. He led them to his workshop.
> > Parked outside was a huge sleigh, loaded with presents of all shapes
> > and sizes. A small green-clad elf was just putting the last present on
> > the top; when it was balanced correctly, he slid down and pushed
> > himself off the side and scarpered back into the warmth. Sam, Ben and
> > Honey had already positioned themselves at the front of the sleigh and
> > barked at the other dogs to join them. As they lifted the sleigh's
> > harness Santa
> > said: "Aren't you going to take your own harnesses off first?"
> >
> > "Oh no," spoke up Lucy, the smallest of the dogs, "these are our
> > identity. Guiding is what we do and tonight Santa, we will guide you!"
> >
> > With the dogs all in place, Santa climbed onto the front of the
> > sleigh, took the reigns in his hands and boomed merrily at the top of his
> > voice:
> >
> > "Go Buttons ... go Goldie ... go Honey!"
> >
> > The dogs pulled and the sleigh took off into the now clear dark blue
> > sky.
> >
> > "Moosh Sam, gee up Ben, away Max ... away!"
> >
> > Lucy turned and winked at Lassie. They were both wondering how their
> > owners were getting on. They hoped to be back and curled up at the
> > foot of their beds before they awoke, and chuckled at what their
> > masters would think if they knew they were flying around the world
> > helping to deliver presents.
> >
> > "Lucy, Lassie, noses forward!" Santa's voice startled them into
> > action.
> > "Anton, stop trying to eat the falling snow," he continued, before
> > breaking into a very loud and satisfied: "Ho ho ho! Keep flying, my
> > little guides. This year," winked Father Christmas, "you dogs will
> > find out what busy really means."
> >
> > As the sleigh, the jolly old man and the nine magical guiding dogs
> > reached the horizon and flew towards the first of several billion
> > houses on the list, Santa knew that the guide dogs had saved the day
> > and everything would be all right.
> >
> > "Merry Christmas, one and all!"

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