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My American Dream - Voices of Americans with Disabilities Video Contest
National Disability Institute

DATES:  To enter, contestants need to create and submit a three-minute video by September 18, 2011.

National Disability Institute is proud to announce the launch of its 2nd annual My American Dream - Voices of Americans with Disabilities Video Contest.

We want to hear from individuals with disabilities across America about their American dreams and the steps they are taking to achieve them. Whether it is owning a home, landing a dream job, going to college or starting a business, National Disability Institute wants people with disabilities to share their goals and show that people with disabilities want what everyone wants - a chance to live their American dreams.

National Disability Institute not only wants to hear about the American dreams of people with disabilities, but also wants to help those dreams come true. In keeping with our mission to build a better economic future for all people with disabilities, we have created a prize package for the contest that will help the grand prize winner take solid steps toward living his/her American dream.


 *   $1,000
 *   an iPad 2
 *   Sessions with a mentor to help the winner take positive steps toward achieving his/her dream

To enter, contestants need to create and submit a three-minute video (no longer, please!) by September 18, 2011 that tells their story and shows the steps they plan to take or the steps they are taking toward their American Dream. Be serious. Be funny. Be creative. Take a look at last year's finalists<https://mail.ndi-inc.org/owa/redir.aspx?C=17781429ae4c47f3aacf79f2c57385c8&URL=http%3a%2f%2fr20.rs6.net%2ftn.jsp%3fllr%3dzofhuxcab%26et%3d1107173113243%26s%3d501%26e%3d0016Rzduj-jF1Z_scl4ZdtziR9P556NfowoF64ocdO-7BRw4kYjZ5XLHuUaBFG6AfiZAnUQIjr_tKkVcCkL9-1Ovg8K32YC0MoLZDAAbwZRXyn6uyqPUwuHOCHDxEWvMvfa8_cSOSqNUH4%3d>. Some are fancy. Some are straightforward. It's the story that matters.

After the entry deadline, five finalists will be selected by an independent panel and then America will have an opportunity to vote and select the winner by viewing and voting on the official contest website<https://mail.ndi-inc.org/owa/redir.aspx?C=17781429ae4c47f3aacf79f2c57385c8&URL=http%3a%2f%2fr20.rs6.net%2ftn.jsp%3fllr%3dzofhuxcab%26et%3d1107173113243%26s%3d501%26e%3d0016Rzduj-jF1aSkXRxHw4MNxZ7v92DbkfvZziMCweEKueeZ6ip8rxeM_bmw39PWb1sZcjrOg67z6Z-Z_yqHXE4l99DqIQ0f9jqbF72IujUUz__y2aAe7gaC5t3xhAo4iUx>, with the winner being announced by Oct. 20, 2011.

To learn more about National Disability Institute's My American Dream - Voices of Americans with Disabilities Video Contest and for a complete list of submission guidelines and contest rules, go to http://dream.realeconomicimpact.org<https://mail.ndi-inc.org/owa/redir.aspx?C=17781429ae4c47f3aacf79f2c57385c8&URL=http%3a%2f%2fr20.rs6.net%2ftn.jsp%3fllr%3dzofhuxcab%26et%3d1107173113243%26s%3d501%26e%3d0016Rzduj-jF1aSkXRxHw4MNxZ7v92DbkfvZziMCweEKueeZ6ip8rxeM_bmw39PWb1sZcjrOg67z6Z-Z_yqHXE4l99DqIQ0f9jqbF72IujUUz__y2aAe7gaC5t3xhAo4iUx>. All entries must be received by September 18, 2011.

Do you know a person, colleague or family member that would be interested in entering this contest? Or a community group or organization that might have members interested in submitting a video? Please - spread the word!

Toby Olson, Executive Secretary
Governor's Committee on Disability Issues and Employment
360-407-2647 FAX
360-486-5897 TTY

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