[nfbwatlk] *Please read* Greater Seattle Chapter Meeting location change for tomorrow.

Mike Mello mike at mello.com
Sat Aug 20 02:03:04 UTC 2011

Hi all;
 I just found out that Bruno's will not be open tomorrow, so we will not be able  to meet at that location.
We will be at the Sidney Apartments, 400 wall st 2nd floor club room *the location we have used before*
Someone will be outside *I'm looking at you Jacob* to assist as you arive if needed.
Please call my cell 208-301-0565 tomorrow if you have questions. I'm sorry for the shourt notice, please tell anyone you think 
may not get this message.
Thank you.
-Mike Mello, President, Greater Seattle Chapter,NFB of Washington.

Michael J. Mello

mike at mello.com

(208) 301-0565

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