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I thought someone on this list might find one of the below-listed volunteer  activities with the Washington State bar Association of interest.

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Subject: Openings on WSBA boards for members of the public


Jennifer Carter| Diversity Program Coordinator
Washington State Bar Association |* 206.239.2116 | F 206.727.8319 | * jenniferc at wsba.org<mailto:jenniferd at wsba.org>
1325 Fourth Avenue, Suite 600 | Seattle, WA 98101 | www.wsba.org<http://www.wsba.org/>

The Washington State Bar Association seeks members of the public to serve on the boards listed below for terms beginning October 1st, 2011. This is an excellent opportunity to get an insider's view on how the practice of law is regulated in Washington state.  Further information about all of the boards is available at http://bit.ly/qriL35. If interested, please complete and return the application posted at http://bit.ly/rhRAid by September 6, 2011. If you have questions, email barleaders at wsba.org<mailto:barleaders at wsba.org>.

*         The Character and Fitness Board deals with matters of character and fitness bearing on qualifications of applicants for admission to practice law in Washington. The Board conducts hearings on the admission of any applicant referred to it for hearing, considers petitions for reinstatement after disbarment, and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors and Supreme Court regarding admission and reinstatement.  Appointment is for a three-year term. Hearings generally are held every month. Three of the 14-16 members of the Board are not lawyers. One position is available.

*         The Council on Public Defense addresses concerns about the quality of indigent defense services in Washington.  Appointment is for a one-year term. One position is available.

*         The Disciplinary Board reviews the results of grievances filed against attorneys including reports of WSBA investigations and decisions of WSBA hearing officers. The full board meets at least six times a year, and three-member review committees meet at least an additional three times a year. Considerable reading and meeting preparation are required. Appointment is for a three-year term. Two positions are available.

*         The Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection Board reviews claims for reimbursement of financial loss sustained by reason of an attorney's dishonest actions or failure to account for client funds; decides claims up to $25,000; and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors on claims for greater amounts. The Board meets four times a year. Appointment is for a three-year term. Two positions are available.

*         The Practice of Law Board investigates unauthorized practice of law complaints<http://www.wsba.org/Legal-Community/Committees-Boards-and-Other-Groups/Practice-of-Law-Board/Unauthorized-Practice-of-Law>, issues advisory opinions, and recommends to the Supreme Court ways that non-lawyers can improve access to law-related services<http://www.wsba.org/Legal-Community/Committees-Boards-and-Other-Groups/Practice-of-Law-Board/Expanding-Access-to-Law-Related-Services>. Appointment is for a three-year term. One position is available.

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