[nfbwatlk] Downloads of NLS Books for the Victor Reader

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri Sep 24 01:35:28 UTC 2010


If it were me, I would try reformatting the SD card.  Remove 
everything from it first, and I think you can do it from the stream 
maybe a part of the menu entered with the 7 key?


At 02:22 PM 9/17/2010, you wrote:
>Anyone had a problem similar to this:  I have downloaded a couple of 
>books from the NLS web site to a chip on the VR stream.  About two 
>thirds of the way through the book, I get a message saying, "audio 
>unavailable", then, something like,  "media error 5."  Can anyone 
>explain this?  I have deleted the book, and tried downloading it 
>again, but the same thing happens.  Are these problems with my chip, 
>or with NLS's uploading them?  If its my chip, wonder why I can get 
>other books to load and play successfully on the same chip.
>Bennett Prows

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