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Wed Sep 8 06:57:26 UTC 2010

Dear Friend,

Why does 1 out of every 5 Americans falsely believe President Obama is a

Because shameless conservatives have repeated the lie often enough that
millions of Americans now believe it.

Here in Washington, opponents of I-1098 are using these same deceitful
tactics: repeating false claims over and over to scare and mislead voters.
>From the Seattle Times citing incorrect tax rates to deceptive op-eds about
small businesses, our opponents are desperate to confuse voters about these
long-overdue tax reforms.2 

Progressives cannot sit by and let these lies defeat I-1098. To fight back,
we are organizing a grassroots communication campaign to share 5 facts every
voter should know about Initiative 1098. We need to get these facts to
thousands of voters now, before our deep-pocketed opponents launch their
expensive ad campaigns. 

Click on the link below to sign up as an endorser of I-1098, then forward
these 5 facts to 5 friends: 


5 facts every voter should know about Initiative 1098: 

1. I-1098 would finally reform our state's outdated tax system by
establishing a progressive income tax on the wealthiest 1.2 percent of

2. I-1098 would generate $2 billion per year dedicated to a trust fund for
education, the top priority established in our state constitution, and
critical health care programs. 

3. I-1098 would cut state property taxes for all Washingtonians by 20
percent and eliminate B&O taxes for 81 percent of small businesses. 

4. Even the wealthiest households would pay taxes on only income earned
above $400,000 a year for couples or $200,000 for individuals. 

5. The recession has forced devastating cuts to education and health care
services that threaten our state's future. More than 40,000 Washingtonians
have lost basic health coverage and 2,600 education jobs have been
eliminated in the last two years. Initiative 1098 will help reverse these
cuts and put Washington back on track. 

Help us fight back against conservative scare tactics by forwarding these 5
facts to 5 friends. 

Thanks for all that you do, 

Jim and the entire team at Fuse 

<http://fusewashington.pnstate.org/site/R?i=EO2m3HsMfwJNySibe7m69A..> ; Want
to support our work? You can give now at:


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