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Here is important, new  information about airline travel for those of us who are partnered with dog guides.  FYI







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                  Dear Fellow Graduates,


                  Many of you have asked about the use of Advanced Imaging Technology (full body scanners) at airport security checkpoints. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced yesterday that people with service animals, and those individuals accompanying and providing assistance to people with service animals, are ineligible for screening using Advanced Imaging Technology. This is mainly because the Advanced Imaging Technology machines are too small to accommodate a person and a dog at the same time.   

                  What this means is that you will continue to use the walk through metal detector screening or you can request a pat-down.  A pat-down may be conducted in a private screening area by an officer of the same gender. 

                  When going through the metal detector, be sure to advise the officer on how you and your dog can best achieve screening (walking together or with the dog walking in front of or behind you). 

                  If the alarm sounds when you walk through the metal detector with your dog, both you and the dog must undergo additional screening. If the alarm sounds when you walk through the metal detector separately from your dog, additional screening must be conducted on whoever triggered the alarm (you or the dog). 

                  If the dog alarms the metal detector, the security officer will ask for permission and assistance from you before they touch the dog and its belongings.  The officer will then perform a hand inspection of the dog and its belongings (collar, harness, leash, pouch,, etc.)  The belongings will not be removed from the dog at any time. 

                  At no time will you be required to be separated from your dog. If you run into any problems during the screening process, you can ask to speak with a supervisor. 

                  For more information about tips on how to make traveling through security checkpoints as easy as possible, visit the Transportation Security Administration website: 




                  Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at The Seeing Eye and safe travels!


                  Ginger Bennett Kutsch and Pixie 

                  Advocacy Specialist




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