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Mary Ellen gabias at telus.net
Thu Mar 25 23:32:48 UTC 2010

I talked with the MLB.com people and learned that some of the volume problem
is with their equipment.
When you want to increase or decrease volume, just hit "enter" on the
increase or decrease volume buttons. The volume will go up or down by five
per cent every time you hit enter.
I haven't been able to notice much change in volume when I hit those
buttons, but the computer says that the changes have been made. I still find
that, in order to get the game to play at a comfortable volume, I need to
turn up my speakers to such an extent that JAWS shouts at me. That could be
some setting on my computer; it could be problems with the MLB.com site.
That's all I know about it. Hope it helps.

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Today I made my inaugural visit of this season to mlb.com. It was supposed 
to be moreaccessible this year. I see mention of that on the website, but 
there are still problems with the player. For one thing, the volume is 
turned down so low I can barely hear it. Also, even though there appears to 
be volume controls, I can't make head or tail of them. Has anyone here had 
any better luck? Thanks for any info.
Kevin LaRose
<kevin at kevinlarose.net> 

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