[nfbwatlk] This is humberto again: How can I apply for DSB services?

hmp humbertoa5369 at netzero.net
Sat Mar 6 03:11:52 UTC 2010

Hi list members: I am in the process of searching for 
scholarships and services. I am a senior and trying to choose 
whether to graduate or not; I would be a fifthYear senior if I 
don't. I have a question:
How can I qualify for Washington Department of Services for the 
blind (DSB) services and scholarships? I need this information as 
soon as possible. I would like to know if I could get into their 
services even if I'm not a US citizen? I live in Yakima, WA. If 
somebody in the Yakima office can contact me for the matter, let 
me know.

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