[nfbwatlk] Seattle chapter meeting this Saturday

Janice Dye janicedye at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 23 11:22:35 CDT 2010

Im new to the list, but joined so I could get resources for my newly blind
finacee (and maybe for me as the spouse of a blind).

He is currently seeking a support group to talk with others going thru like
experiences.  He is only 2 months old in this new "blind world".  He has all
sorts of things he is told by doctors and other family and friends, but
after a visit to the DSB blind school he realized how much more it meant
coming from others in the same situation.

Then on another note he is looking to find classes, events and other stuff
he can do to keep himself busy.  Are there classes, events or organizations
that cater specifically to blind persons?  Aside from the "Outdoors for

Thanks in advance for anything you may have to offer,
Janice (JaniceDye at Yahoo.com)

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