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Greetings Friends, as many of you know, Ray 
McGeorge came down with meningitis and was rushed 
to the hospital on May 9th.  He has been 
unconscious ever since.  Unfortunately, the 
meningitis caused several complications including 
seizures and a massive stroke.  Ray has been 
relatively stable the last couple of weeks but 
has shown no signs of improvement.

Ray is a very strong person and very clear about 
his wishes.  He has an advanced directive, also 
known as a living will.  He has explicitly 
expressed the desire that his life not be 
extended artificially.  Diane has honored Ray's 
wishes and asked that he be taken off the 
respirator.  He has been off the respirator for 
limited periods but has always been placed back 
on.  Additionally, this morning Ray is being 
transferred from Kendrid Hospital, which is a 
long term acute care facility, to St. John's Hospis.

Quite frankly, we do not know specifically what 
the future holds.  Ray has fought this battle as 
hard as he knows how.  Without the respirator, we 
do not know exactly how Ray will do.  We do know, 
however, that we are carrying out his 
wishes.  During this very difficult time, we 
request your continued thoughts and prayers.
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