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Fri Jul 23 06:14:46 CDT 2010

Hello Everyone!

A to Z Adaptive Aidz is offering these two items shipped free of charge for 
the next week!  Call us and because we're in such a great mood you just 
might be able to talk us into adding other products as well!

How about this for yourself:

Ever wonder how many calories you've burn't off or forget how long you've 
walked? This talking pedometer tells you how far you have walked or jogged, 
the calories you have burnt and how much time you have spent exercising. It 
includes an FM radio that scans stations until you tune into one that you 
like. Includes earphones and a belt clip. Measures 2.75 X 2.25 X 1 and uses 
2 (AAA) batteries.

Now on sale for only $17.99

Want to teach your young children or Grand Children how to count money and 
have fun learning as well.  Then heres the perfect gift:

Great way to have your child save their coin's. Cash Cow makes saving money 
fun and educational. The friendly talking bank identifies coins as they are 
inserted and tallies your balance. The bank also features a game that 
challenges children to correctly count change. Requires 3 AA battery's 
included. Ages five and up.

On sale for only $23.99

We're a family operated business that only employee's visually impaired and 

Check us out, many more items on sale.


David Wermuth
Email / David at atozadaptiveaidz.com
Phone (352) 593-4915
Toll free (877) 759-7173

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