[nfbwatlk] Great Party In Seattle

Rita Szantay rszantay at speakeasy.net
Mon Dec 13 19:00:15 UTC 2010

Hi everyone. Ben put it very well. The party was excellent.

Rita Szantay, MED, LMHC, CDP

1420 Fifth Avenue - Suite 2200

Seattle, WA 98101



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Well, I see that no one has posted here yet on the results of the holiday
party for the Seattle chapter.  Perhaps we're all too full of food, or
something else.  (smile.)

Let's just say that the whole thing was excellent.  Mike Mello, Andrea
Travis, Toby (sorry can't remember your last name), Kay Burrows, and most
definitely the caterers from "See what you're cooking", or if that's not the
name, somebody fix the advertisement (grin._ deserve a tremendous and
heartfelt thank you for everything that the party had to offer. The room was
packed, and there was some overflow into the fitness center,  (ironic isn't
it).  The fellowship was just outstanding, helped along in my case at least
by the bar and bartenders, whom I've already named. But really, I enjoyed
seeing a lot of friends and Federationists, and that helps during the
holiday festivities.  We missed a few folks, but certainly they would have
had to squeeze in as did we all.  The turn out was tremendous, and I believe
everyone had a good time. Rita Szantay scrupulously collected money, which
I'm sure she'' pass along to the treasurer and/or president.

The food was outstanding and plentiful.  There were even take away trays, or
as we know them "to go boxes" or in some cases, "doggie boxes". No one went
home empty handed, (unless he/she wanted to).  Kay B handed out goodie bags
to all who had attended.  Felt just like a birthday party for my kids. The
conversations were myriad, and generally the celebration was outstanding.

Again extreme kudos to the party planners/implementers.  I for one enjoyed
it all.


Bennett Prows

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