[nfbwatlk] coffee news

Frederick Driver wt329 at victoria.tc.ca
Fri Apr 30 13:33:45 CDT 2010

The weekly newsletter one finds in restaurants and coffee shops, called
Coffee News, has had a number of positive mentions of blindness lately.

The current issue, volume 14 number 20, says the following:  [quote]

Fighting Back:
In 1990, 21-year-old Robert Ott was a martial arts expert and owner of his
own studio, and he pretty much had life by the tail.  That is, until he
became the victim of a crime which left him blind.  After much despair
over his situation, Ott's indomitable spirit, nurtured through his martial
arts training, gave him the strength he needed to move on in life.  He has
proven that blindness need not stop people from pursuing their dreams.
Today, Ott teaches martial arts all over the U.S., leads seminars to share
his story, and has written an inspiring biography with co-writer Bob
Olson, who also assisted him with a documentary about his life.  Ott is
married with two children and is the CEO of Certain Victory Food Services
in Washington.

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