[nfbwatlk] Great News RE Marci Carpenter

Kay Burrows theladykathryn4one at juno.com
Fri Apr 9 13:10:30 CDT 2010


Just moments ago I spoke to Marci Carpenter who was on her way home from the
University of Washington Hospital after yesterday's successful surgery to
implant an electro in her brain to stop the tremor in her right hand.  The
Drs. Are very; happy to have found the correct nerve.  In about one month,
after healing from the surgery they will turn on the implanted apparatus,
much like a pacemaker, and if the surgery did what it is expected, the
tremor will be greatly diminished or gone.    The surgery does require a
shaved head over the area, and the opening of the skull, but  is not very
invasive compared to other brain surgeries.  Drs. Have now proven Marci does
have a brain and now she can be referred to as a bionic women, or brain




Kay Burrows

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