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Anybody know if we sent in enough recipes?

B. P.
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> Subject: Recipes for Washington State
> Mike:
> The Vermont affiliate was unable to generate recipes for the Braille
> Monitor column for the October 2009 edition. Consequently, we had
> Virginia step up and provide these. As this has happened, we'll now need
> Washington to provide the recipes for November. In order to include
> recipes for the November issue, we'll need them to be here with me by
> the last Friday in September.
> You may recall from my previous correspondence about this that we
> generally publish six recipes from each state. We try to have the
> recipes reflect things unique to the state or region of the country from
> which they are submitted, but whatever you can pull together will do.
> Along with each recipe, we need a one or two-line bio for the author of
> each recipe. If one person submits all six for the state, we'll need one
> bio; if three authors submit two recipes each, we'll need three bios.
> Please send all of these together to me in a Word document, preferably,
> or in some electronic fashion that I can read. Thanks for your
> willingness to jump in and pick up the slack to accommodate this change
> in circumstance.
> With Kind Regards,
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