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A request for input on standards...

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Subject: [NWUDC] FW: Global Universal Design Commission Comment Period

  I am writing to ask has for your help in reviewing and suggesting ways to improve draft universal design standards created for non-residential, commercial buildings.

As you may know, the Global Universal Design Commission is trying to develop benchmarks and criteria for buildings  to provides ease of use without disadvantage to any group or individuals. By now, you are familiar with the UD features, amenities and standards for homes and residences and how they benefit everyone - women and men, elders and children, people with disabilities and those without. These techniques and practices should translate well to the commercial and government sectors, where practicing UD broadens markets and increases consumer satisfaction because it addresses differences and preferences of all types.

The Universal Design Draft Standards are now ready and available for Public Review. We kindly ask that each of you spread the word through your respective contact lists, listservs, newsletters, etc. The more people that review and comment on the Draft Standards, the stronger they will be and the more credibility they will ultimately garner

Please visit
cle&id=86&Itemid=76> &view=article&id=86&Itemid=76  to read and learn more about the Draft Standards and find instructions on how to comment.

If you need additional information or assistance in reading, accessing or commenting on the standards, please contact the GUDC using the link or send a message to me. Thanks so much.

Nothing About Us Without Us and Each in His or Her Own Way.

On behalf of the GUDC Commercial Building Consensus Committee, I send my personal and professional

Warm regards,

Len  Sandler

Clinical Professor of Law


University of Iowa College of L

388 Boyd Law Building

Iowa City, IA 52242-1113

leonard-sandler at uiowa.edu


319.353.5445 (fax)


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