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Hi, Kevin,

People have to start somewhere.  Perhaps if people gain confidence through employment, they can push to be promoted.  While I share your concern   re stereotyping and the "inaccessible ceiling", you can't EAT upward mobility.  In a developing country, someone working at a call center might be the only support of his/her family.

I think we have to be careful not to take our context and superimpose it on another culture.  Years ago in this country, blind people would have fought for the chance to work in a call center or anywhere!

As you know, jobs open up innumerable economic and social possibilities. 

I wish the best for our brothers and sisters in the Philippines and will remain ostimistic that this is a good opportunity until evidence to the contrary is presented.

Remember, people who are blind are not the only ones stuck in dead-end jobs with no future.  It is easy to become myopic and to think we are the only people to suffer discrimination.  It certainly still exists, but too often the word "discrimination" is used as an excuse when people are unwilling to strive for excellence.

Woops!  Just slipped off my soapbox!  Aren't you glad?


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What I did not find in this story was any indication that there was any 
chance of upward mobility from these initial positions. The article does not 
say, but I'd be willing to wager that supervisory positions are not held by 
blind people and probably won't be. I kind of see this as a double-edged 
sword; while it's great that some blind people have employment, I'd hate to 
see them stereotyped into lifelong jobs of doing nothing but taking calls. 
Disclaimer: Yes, I do have some rather strong feelings on this issue. <G>
Kevin L. 

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