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The blog discussion is here:


I've already been there.  *grin*


On Mon, Jun 08, 2009 at 11:48:46AM -0800, Tina Hansen wrote:
>   If anyone missed it, OPB aired the issue of the School for the Blind 
> on the latest Think out
>   Loud program. It will be aired again at 9 PM this evening, but if 
> that's not good for your
>   schedule, it's up for download now at the OPB site. The direct link 
> to the program is
>   [1]http://stream1.opb.org:9000/tol/episodes/2009/0608.mp3
>   Thanks.
>   Visible links
>   1. http://stream1.opb.org:9000/tol/episodes/2009/0608.mp3

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