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I'm just guessing, but I suspect the reason they think seeing at short
distance must be done continuously is that's the only way they know a
computer screen and manuals can be read. They're obviously wrong about that;
whether they're willing to recognize it or not. 
This demonstrattes the difficulty we so often have with employers. They're
simply unaware that their way of doing things is not the only way to do
them. Unfortunately, when that ignorance gets ossified in job descriptions,
people are inclined to defend themselves in order to save face. How many
people believe seeing is absolutely necessary when it provably isn't?
Probably more than any of us would like to think. I know things have
improved greatly since my youth, but job announcements like this remind me
of how far we still have to go. (Perhaps a bad choice of words when talking
about a transit company.)
If we have a candidate ready to apply for the job, we'll get a chance to
determine whether there is enough flexibility and fairness at the transit
company to modify the job description and give a blind candidate a real
opportunity. If we have no one ready to apply, we can still do some good
general education. In fact, it's often easier to make the point when we're
talking in philosophical terms. When there's a particular blind person under
consideration the waters can get muddied because the personal
characteristics of the individual come into play.
I'm sure that job descriptions will be written more carefully after you've
had a chance to talk with them. I'm looking forward to hearing that a
qualified blind candidate has been hired for a job at C-Tran, whether for
this job or another which becomes available in the future. I know how
persuasive Federationists can be. 

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I'll do some sleuthing on the DOJ and EEOC sites next week.

In any event, I've arranged for a bit of training for C-tran personnel. 
Stay tuned.


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I don't know if that is against the law or not. I know a little bit 
those laws but not enough to do anything about it.

Leslie W Fitzpatrick
Piano Technician
Instructor at the School of Piano Technology For The Blind
http://www.pianotuningschool.org Ham Call K5FPt

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Read carefully the Job announcement from C-tran.  What do you  think of 
part that talks about Seeing continulously.  Does the application 
any Federal Laws?  Remember we have had trouble with C-tran in the past 
requiring drivers liscenses for jobs where driving was not the main job


C-tran website is

09:05: Senior Technology Manager

Type of Position Full Time
Pay Range $5,583/month-$7,557/month
Posting Date 1/29/2009
Application Deadline Open Until Filled

Job Description


This is a highly responsible professional administrative position 
organizational direction and senior management of the Information 
Division. Responsibilities include strategic
short- and long-term planning, ensuring the development and 
of cost-effective and efficient computer operation systems, and 
the incorporation of new information technologies.


The incumbent will perform a wide diversity of work situations involving 
high degree of complexity and will be responsible for developing the
practices, procedures, policies, and objectives that govern the work of 
position and contributing to the development of new concepts. Contacts
frequently contain confidential/sensitive information 
discretion at all times.

Management and supervision is exercised over the Information Systems
Engineer, Hardware/Software Specialist, ITS/VAST Coordinator, and

Work is performed independently with minimal supervision from the 
of Maintenance and Technology. Considerable judgment is expected to be
exercised in the execution of duties. Errors could result in costly
inefficient information technology purchases and negatively affect all
financial and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) reporting.


Plans and directs C-Tran's management information and technology 
Evaluates new technology for application to ensure database management 
technology systems are integrated and operate in the most efficient and
cost-effective manner.

Organizes and manages the hiring, training, supervising, coaching,
developing, evaluating, and disciplining of all technology personnel.
Evaluates subordinates, promotes staff development, encourages 
performance, and provides direction, guidance, and discipline as needed.

Leads the division in realizing agency goals and objectives. Actively
participates in strategic business planning processes. Manages multiple
projects, project staffing plans, scopes of work, budgets, and 

Monitors the implementation of Vancouver Area Smart Trek (VAST) systems 
ensure compatibility with other systems currently in use.

Works with other regional agencies in the development and regulation of
technological infrastructures.

Assumes management responsibility for all information systems services 
activities including planning, developing, and maintaining systems,
networks, and applications across multiple operating environments.

Ensures that the PC network, servers, and phone system operate in an
efficient and effective manner to meet user application needs and 
unscheduled down times and system disruptions.

Monitors system security (i.e. unauthorized access, virus and malware
handling, and network integration with external Vancouver Area Smart 
(VAST) partners) and resources (i.e. network disk space, server CPU
utilization) in accordance with agency policies and procedures.

Ensures user needs assessments are performed. Defines requirements and
develops solutions within the capabilities of the computer system.

Develops requirements for new applications to be implemented. Conducts
feasibility studies.

Works with outside programmers, analysts, and users to improve the 

Oversees day-to-day system administration duties for all systems.

Coordinates system maintenance. Identifies appropriate vendors for 
maintenance and support of the agency's hardware and software.

Researches other technologies available in the event of unexpected
obsolescence of current systems.

Develops and maintains operating procedures for the agency's hardware 
servers, PCs, phones, etc.) and security software (i.e., virus scanners,
spam blockers, etc).

Oversees the purchasing of the agency's computer hardware and software.

Assists the Director of Maintenance & Technology with preparing and
monitoring the technology budget.

Researches, plans, coordinates, and monitors a variety of special 
Ensures implementation of budgeted or strategic initiatives are timely 


Ensures agency personnel are adequately trained on computer equipment 
systems. Ensures help desk support is provided.

Participates in cross training and mentoring activities in support of
individual and agency staff development goals.

Serves on Management Council and other committees as appropriate.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Requires in-depth knowledge of the field of assignment sufficient to 
thoroughly and accurately the full scope of responsibilities as 
in the above job description.

Requires a Bachelor's degree in information systems, computer science, 
related field.

Five years' increasingly responsible experience in information systems
management, computer systems analysis, data analysis and design, and
voice/data network management, and three years in a managerial capacity

Requires knowledge of systems analysis and design and application
development methodologies; local and wide area and wireless network
implementation and management; and database design and management.

Familiarity and experience with implementing, upgrading, and managing
various operating systems (i.e., Windows, Netware, Linux and Citrix).
Certifications desirable.

Familiarity and experience with various computer languages and report
writers (i.e., SQL, HTML, Java, XML, Crystal Reports). Certifications

Ability to work effectively with all levels of staff and vendors with
varying levels of expertise; exhibit tact and diplomacy to achieve 
results; plan, assign, and delegate the work of subordinates; and 
confidentiality. Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
in order to train and explain complex information to a diverse group of
people in a clear, concise manner.


N = Never (0%), R = Rarely (0-20%), O = Occasionally (21-50%), F =
Frequently (51-80%) C = Continuously (81+%)

(R) Climbing (R) Balancing (O) Stooping
(O) Kneeling (O) Crouching (R) Crawling
(O) Reaching (O) Standing (F) Walking
(R) Pushing (R) Pulling (O) Lifting
(C) Fingering (O) Grasping (R) Feeling
(F) Talking (C) Hearing (C) Sitting
(O) Carrying (C) Repetitive Motions
(C) Seeing (short distance) (O) Seeing (long distance)


(C) Decision Making (C) Teamwork (F) Creativity
(C) Interpersonal Skills (F) Customer Service (F) Mentoring
(C) Use of Discretion (C) Problem Analysis (R) Selling
(O) Presentation/Teaching (C) Write English (C) Read English
(C) Understand English (C) Speak English (O) Negotiation
(F) Training/Supervising (C) Independent Judgment/Action
(F) Perform basic math (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
(F) Perform advanced math (analysis, statistics, significant data or 
(C) Perform basic programming (database setup, setting system defaults, 
software modification)
(C) Perform advanced programming (software development and/or 
and system development)


(R) Exposure to environmental influences (beyond normal office
environment) such as poor ventilation and illumination, loud noises, 
weather conditions, and heavy congestion.
(N) Exposure to accidents or health hazards on the job which includes
working with chemicals, operating equipment/machinery, and exposure to
infectious diseases.
(N) Exposure to adverse public relations conditions, such as health 
presented by hostile citizens.
(F) Frequent abrupt and unexpected changes in work assignments, goals, 
(F) Length and irregularity of work hours such as attending meetings or
completing assignments before or after the normal work day.


Regular, dependable attendance is required.

Must be able to comply with C-TRAN's nonsmoking policy and function in a
nonsmoking work environment.

Must pass an employment physical examination to be certified for the
position and maintain a physical condition which, either with or without
accommodation, allows completion of all essential duties.

If selected for the position, documentation that you are a United States
citizen or an alien lawfully authorized to work in the United States 
will be
required to establish your identity and work authorization in accordance
with the employer's obligation under the Immigration Reform and Control 
of 1986.

If selected for this position, employment will be conditional pending
completion of a criminal background investigation.
The statements contained herein reflect general details as necessary to
describe the principal functions of this job, the level of knowledge and
skill typically required, and the scope of responsibility, but should 
not be
considered an all-inclusive list of work requirements. Individuals may
perform other duties as assigned, including work in 
functional areas to cover absences or relief, to equalize peak work 
or otherwise to balance the workload.

Doug Trimble
Orientation & Mobility Instructor
Off Campus Work Advisor
Washington State School for the Blind
2214 E. 13th Street Vancouver,  WA  98661 office ph. 360-696-6321 #118

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