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Hi all,

I received this on the Blind Homeschoolers list, and thought I'd pass it 

From: Debra Bonde/Seedlings [mailto:seedlink at ameritech.net]
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Subject: Seedlings needs your help--Please read

Hello Friends of Seedlings Braille Books for Children!

Something happened last week that was a real setback for Seedlings: AOL 
down our primary email account
<mailto:seedlink%40aol.com>seedlink at aol.com without notice or
explanation. We are scrambling to find out what happened, why, and what 
can do about it. It is difficult to find anyone there who will help us, 
from what I have learned, they thought we were spamming. We have sent a
letter of appeal, but we have no idea if and when they will review our 

Fortunately, we have an alternate email address and ISP. Unfortunately, 
the years we have published the AOL address on all of our brochures and
catalogs, etc. With every tick of the clock, I am afraid that someone is
trying to reach us through AOL and we are not there. The ramifications 
immense, and so we turn to you for help.

Here are some things that you can do to help:

1. If you have <mailto:seedlink%40aol.com>seedlink at aol.com in your
address book, please change it to
<mailto:info%40seedlings.org>info at seedlings.org or
<mailto:seedlink%40ameritech.net>seedlink at ameritech.net

2. So that we will not be accused of spamming in the future, please 
back (by hitting the reply button) to give us permission to include your
address on our email list (please include your name and zip code in your
reply so we can find you in our database). We do not share our lists 
ANYONE, and we promise not to email you often. Every email will include 
opt-out option, and we promise to take you off the email list if you 

3. This email issue could have financial ramifications (lost contacts, 
of reprinting our literature, etc.). If you would like to help in this 
we would welcome your donations (please see:

Also, our 22nd annual Bowl-a-thon is coming up on March 22nd. It is our
biggest fundraiser. We are hoping to raise $30,000 this year which will
enable us to make 3,000 braille books for children. We are afraid that 
AOL problem could negatively impact this event. If you are interested in
helping Seedlings through this event, you could either:

A. Sign up to bowl and collect pledges (if you live close enough, or

B. Make a donation in support of this event and Seedlings.

For both things, please go to our Events page:
and click on the registration link
and/or the pledge link. If you are making a pledge and don't have a 
bowler to support, you can put "Louis Braille" in the bowler's name 
After all, it's Louis Braille's 200th birthday this year. What a great 
to honor him! Every $10 donation makes another braille book possible!

Thank you in advance for all of your help!

Debra J. Bonde, Director

Seedlings Braille Books for Children

PO Box 51924, Livonia, MI 48151-5924

734-427-8552 x300


(We respect your privacy and do not share our lists with anyone, but if 
wish to be removed from this list, please send us an email that says
"Remove" and includes your name and zip code. Thank you.)

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