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I'm glad to hear that you're doing well at the training center. I'm 
also sorry to hear about your accident in the kitchen. No worries 
though. I think everyone blind or sighted, has had accidents at least 
once in their lives. In fact, I remember a time in my training at LCB 
when I gashed my thumb open a bit with a knife. No worries though; a 
band-aid and some disinfectant gel were enough to appropriately manage things.

I'm curious. Why can't you cook in the apartments or walk to school on 
your own? are you having some trouble or are there specific policies 
regarding these matters at the OTC?

I wouldn't worry so much about the student drama. Training is hard on 
everyone: it's a sort of initiation into independence and for some, an 
initiation into blindness itself. Initiations of any kind are 
difficult, and interesting things can and do happen when people get 
stressed out over their training. This is, of course, not to mention 
that when you're in training, you practically work together, play 
together, and live together with all the other students who are 
involved. i've often wondered at how a blindness training reality TV 
show would fare on MTV.

Keep us posted on how you're doing. Congratulations on your Braille, 
that's awesome. I hope you're having a good weekend and it will be 
exciting to have you home for a while at the end of your first term.

Cheers and good luck.
Original message:
> Hello:

> I am taking a 3 day break from the OTC and spending time with Ron and the
> baby birds. It's nice to be home. I return for a two week break on March 9.

> How is it going:

> Braille:

> I am starting on Grade 2 braille next week. Reading is great! Writing with
> the slate and sylise I need to keep working on it but it is getting better. Joy
>  is a great teacher. I have to slow down my reader for the other two students
> who  are reading at a much slower pace then me. The book we are using takes a
> fast  approach to braille and it is advanced. I really enjoy the class.

> Computers:

> I am being trained on the braille note the KNFB reader and I am learning
> excel. Jim is a wonderful teacher. He has a great sense of humor. I have been
> asked to be a peer tutor for other students in regards to MS word and 
> Windows. I
>  hope I can help other struggling students.

> Home Ec:

> I am doing pretty good in this class; but I burned my hand last week when I
> accidentally touched the stove burner; good reflexes saved me from getting
> seriously burned. I thought Quill was going to have a heart attack. That's life
> under sleep shades. I will complete this course March 4.

> O&M:

> This is the struggle. It is coming very slowly. I must be patient. My  O&M
> instructor is an Intern from Texas. She is nice but very strict. I tease  her
> and think of her as my drill sargent; just like the Army. I hope to have  much
> more O&M time next term. I am getting the cane techniques down but it  is slow
> work and I am still in the building.

> The other classes are good and I love dependable strengths. The only things
> that really bother me is the outside drama (mainly with some of the other
> students); it can be a very stressful progam to go through and it is 
> not easy to
> be away from Ron for 6-10 weeks at a time. I still can't cook in my apartment
>  nor walk on my own to the center.A lot of things have changed since my first
>  training program in 1989-1990. However, all in all the program is a good one
> and  I am glad that they really make you wear the sleep shades. I think I am
> handling  the stress a lot better now then when I first started last month.
> It's a work in  progress.

> Please keep me in your prayers. I am really glad I am in the program! It  may
> not be in LA or CO but it is still a very good program and I am learning a
> great deal. What a blessing!

> Lisa A. Owen
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