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Community Transit Double Tall Update
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Double Tall Schedules
Feb. 9-20
Please Note: The Double Tall will be out of service from the afternoon of Feb. 10 through Feb. 12. Trips will be covered by other coaches.

Route 401 (Southbound), 5:22 am trip

Route 410 (Southbound), 6:50 am trip

Route 408 (Northbound) 3:09 p.m. trip

Route 401 (Northbound), 4:24 pm trip

Route 401 (Northbound), 6:07 pm trip

View From the Top
In an order designed to perk up Snohomish County commuters, Community Transit has ordered 23 double decker buses to replace an equal number of 60-foot articulated buses that are nearing the end of their service life.

"Aside from the great views on The Double Tall, this bus can hold more passengers than a 60-foot bus while taking up less roadspace," said Joyce Eleanor, Community Transit CEO. "The smaller footprint also means it takes up less room on downtown Seattle streets and less space at our operating base."

The agency has extended its lease on the first "double tall" bus until the new fleet arrives in 2010. Community Transit leased the first bus in 2007 to study its performance on the agency's routes and gauge public opinion. The bus scored well in both measures.

"This is a sturdy, dependable bus that performs well in all weather conditions," Eleanor said. "I have never received more enthusiastic compliments about a bus in my 30 years in the transit industry than I have about The Double Tall. People love it!"

Twice as Smart
The double decker can seat 70 and accommodate 90 passengers total in the same footprint as a 40-passenger bus. This means it will take less fuel to transport more passengers while taking up less space on the road... an important advantage given the ever-increasing traffic in the region.

What else is there to get excited about when it comes to The Double Tall?

  a.. The view! The bus stands 14 feet tall, providing riders a spectacular view from the upper deck. 
  b.. The comfort! All 70 seats are spaced 31 inches from hip-to-knee (regular commuter bus seats are 28.5 inches) and will have an overhead reading light, air vent and stop request button. 
  c.. The safety! The Double Tall is outfitted with Community Transit's standard security camera system that records all activity on the bus. In addition, a driver viewing system allows the operator to view the stairway, the rear of the coach and passengers on both decks as well as outside along the curb side of the bus. 
  d.. The reliability! The manufacturer - Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) - is Great Britain's leading manufacturer of double decker buses. In fact, there are more than 4,000 ADL double deckers in service in Hong Kong. When Community Transit decided to acquire a double decker, we went with the industry leader. 
Facts About The Double Tall
  a.. Bus Model: Enviro 500 
  b.. Manufacturer: Alexander Dennis Limited 
  c.. Height: 14 ft 
  d.. Weight: 51,000 lbs 
  e.. Length: 40 ft 
  f.. Weight distribution: 70 percent of weight is contained just above floor level on the lower deck 
  g.. Capacity: 70 seats, with lower deck standing room for up to 20 passengers 
  h.. Hip-to-knee room: 31 inches 
  i.. Double deckers in U.S. transit: Las Vegas is the only other U.S. city with double decker buses in transit operation 
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