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Remember our Accessible Devices session Sunday at 2:00 PM Eastern in the
Accessible Devices event room at; www.vipconduit.com
  Shay Martin From Blind Adrenaline Simulations will be presenting his two
newest games online Hearts and online Hold 'em Poker.
  Both games can be played against your friends over the internet, far more
fun and sociable than playing against a computer.
  Both card games have been in the works for many months, and careful
attention has been paid to providing an easy to use and friendly game
environment where you can sit and play while you voice chat with your
  We will discuss both games, take questions and give a preview of what is
upcoming from Blind Adrenaline Simulations in the future, including an
online football game.
Additionally, we will be letting folks know about a special promotion
involving VIP Conduit and Blind Adrenaline.
  If you are not familiar with hearts or hold 'em, Shay will be letting
folks know about special tutorial sessions he will be having on VIP Conduit
over the next several weeks, where folks can come and listen in on a game or
two and ask any questions they might have as Shay goes over the basics of
the games.
  Hope to see you there!
Come share with us a device, software or technique that has helped you
perform a task easier than you could before you found it.  There are
probably others that would be very interested in hearing about it.  On the
other hand if you are looking for such a device, this is the place to ask
for help in finding it.
Keep in mind that a free VIP Conduit membership is necessary to login.
We respectfully request that you do no text messaging during the event,
unless it's
requested,    Definitely not to the host.
We look forward to seeing you there,
Parker, Terry and Randy

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