[nfbwatlk] FW: Inauguration...and one last volunteer ask :)

Jacob Struiksma lawnmower84 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 30 08:12:29 UTC 2009

Next Monday afternoon, Mike McGinn will officially take the oath of office
and become the next mayor of Seattle; since this is the last E-mail that I'm
going to write to you, the group of volunteers who helped make it happen, I
want to start off by saying thank you, again, for everything that each of
you did on the campaign. 

As the subject line implies, this E-mail is primarily about the
inauguration; if you're interested in staying in touch, helping to clean out
the MLK office, or working for the Sierra Club, please read the
Announcements section at the bottom, too.

The inauguration itself is going to be held in the City Council chambers in
2.330017&spn=0.030149,0.077162&z=14&iwloc=A> Hall next Monday, January 4th,
from 2pm to approximately 3:30. Mike will take his oath of office and give
his inaugural address, along with Pete Holmes, Richard Conlin, Nick Licata,
Sally Bagshaw, and Mike O'Brien, and then they'll all move to the Bertha
Knight Landes room downstairs for a reception until 7:00. Both events are
open to the public, but the actual inauguration will be packed with close
friends and family members of the elected officials; there's going to be a
TV set up in the Bertha Knight Landes room so that anyone who wants to can
watch all the proceedings live and then mingle with the candidates
afterwards, and that's what I would recommend doing. 

There won't be a need for any volunteers on the 4th, but the Saturday after
the inauguration there are going to be two special events, one put on by the
Transition Team and one put on by the McGinn for Mayor Campaign, for which
we will need a good number of volunteers. The Transition Team event is going
to be a
IMWc6MA> City Hall Open House from 1 to 5pm and the campaign event is going
to be a
xSHc6MA> concert/street food vendor fair at the Showbox SODO
<http://www.showboxonline.com/sodo/>  from 8pm to 11ish; both are free and
open to the public, although you will have to pay for food and drinks
yourself. If you're interested in volunteering, please click on the links
above to sign up! We need about 55 volunteers between the two events, and
they should both be great volunteer opportunities.


1) If you haven't already signed up for Organizing for Seattle and you're
interested in doing so, please sign up now. As for opportunities within the
city, some of you may already know that I've put nursing school on hold
indefinitely to work in the mayor's office in the role of Community
Engagement Coordinator; my job, simply put, will be to help Seattleites
engage more deeply in their communities, however they define them. The
website and associated intake form aren't up quite yet, but if you're
interested, you can give
oZnc6MA> me your E-mail address and I'll send out a link when the page is up
and running. One way or another, I hope to be able to work with each of you
in the future.

2) If you'd like to help clean up the MLK office this week in preparation
for its closing, contact Christi Stapleton (stapleton.christi at gmail.com) or
Nate Merrill (nathaniel.merrill at gmail.com) for more details about when it's
happening and what they need help with.

3) Last, but not least, if you're interested in working to aggressively
advance a sustainable agenda at the local and state level, check out the
Sierra Club's Legislative Coordinator job posting here
<http://www.idealist.org/if/i/en/av/Job/361480-123> ; it's only open because
the Cascade chapter's last Legislative Coordinator is now working for the
McGinn administration.

That's it, folks! It was fantastic working with you on the campaign, and I
look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.

Don't be a stranger :)

Sol Villarreal
villarreal.sol at gmail.com

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