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What a *great* present and award this time of year.  Hope you, and for
that matter, *all* listers have a tremendously joyous holiday, merry
Christmas, Happy New Year, Merry Cuanza, and everything in between.
Onward to an even better 2010.


Bennett Prows

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I received quite a shock today.  I got a box of gifts and wondered who
they were from.  It was from the NFB and the Onkyo Company.  I had
entered a version of my "braille every day" article into our contest.  I
plum forgot about it.  

I received an Excellence Award!  Today I received some gifts which I
haven't opened yet, and a check for one thousand dollars for my story.
It will be published in a book about braille in 2010.  I wanted to share
my good news with you!
Acorns have an oak tree to become. Kittens have a cat to become. You?
You have a radiant human being fully expressing your gifts to become. :)
-- Brian Johnson
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