[nfbwatlk] Interesting Hybrid video

Jedi loneblindjedi at samobile.net
Tue Dec 15 19:39:17 UTC 2009

It's a YouTube video embedded into the screen. If JFW can't get at it, 
try SAToGo.


Original message:
> Hey,

> I went to the blog, but couldn't find the actual sound.  Must be
> *really* quiet.  (grin.)

> The article was interesting though.
> B. P.
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> What do you folks think about the new sound for the Volt? I personally
> think it's terrible. I would be startled if I heard that, and it isn't
> enough of a difference from a standard horn to be useful. What's more,
> sighted drivers can opt out of using the system if they like. Honestly,
> who wouldn't given the horrible noise. A lot of commenters said it
> best: why not have the car sound like a car? Amen.

> http://chevroletvoltage.com/index.php/Blog/stop-look-listen.html

> Respectfully,
> Jedi

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