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Greetings from The Career Action Center. 

How do you get a job in this economy? 

This is the time of year that larger organizations hire interns: Boeing,
Fluke, Microsoft, 
U.S. Government, etc. 

Most internships are available any time of the year. 

However, some companies hire interns seasonally –once/twice/year. You need
to act now. 

Use your status as a college student to get an internship. It's not a threat
to the employer...they want interns...and it is a way that employers screen
new staff for their businesses. 

Offer your time and commitment as an intern --- ...apply your classroom
knowledge to their projects. 


Many internships are listed just like a job; and have job requirements. 

A. http://www.usajobs.com/ 
U.S. Government has internships open NOW: close December 15th for some.
APPLY NOW for Federal summer internships – any skillset you have – 
here in WA state – and around the U.S. Get an internship and go visit your
relatives for the summer! : ) 

B. Use eRecruiting and Search for: "Internship". 
C. Use eRecruiting to find a company you want to work for:
private/non-profit/government agencyÂ
where you would like to intern? 

D. Washington State has internships at most Agencies throughout Washington
Discover WA State internships at this address:

E. U.S. Government has internships at this address: 

F. Check out this local employer's internships: Fluke in Everett, WA:
(Fantastic opportunities) 


G. Check out Boeing's internship opportunities: time sensitive openings 

H. Check out Microsoft's internship opportunities: if you have prior work
experience OR you are a Worker Retraining StudentÂ
you will pursue your
Bachelor's Degree – say transferring to CWU – or UWÂ
relevant to you:

I. Use the Career Action Center staff and workshops to help you create your
resume for an internship. You must compete for an internship – just like a

Internships are a great way to connect yourself to a future job. 
Have a great weekend – good luck on Finals! 
The Career Action Center, MLT Room 130 (425) 640-1256. We are open! 	
Copyright © 2009	 Two Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, MA 02109	

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