[nfbwatlk] FW: McGinn for Mayor weekly update, 11/30/09: Organizing for Seattle

Jacob Struiksma lawnmower84 at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 1 07:33:23 UTC 2009

Hi everyone--

First of all, please don't forward this week's E-mail; it includes an
invitation to join Organizing for Seattle
NVUE6MA>  that's intended solely for those of you who came out and actively
volunteered with the campaign. In a nutshell, it's going to be the form that
this volunteer group takes on after January 4th, when I'll stop sending out
these E-mails and switch over to communicating solely with those of you who
have opted into the new organization. Please click the link to find out more
and to sign up (or go to
VUE6MA if your browser doesn't show the link); also, if you know anyone who
actively volunteered on the campaign but didn't receive this E-mail, please
let me know so that I can put them in the McGinn for Mayor system and send
them an OFS invitation.

The transition team already has enough volunteers for the two remaining town
halls, but I'd encourage you to go attend one of them if you have a chance;
all of the information is at http://new.seattle.gov, which is the home page
of the transition team.

As far as volunteer opportunities go, Chris Rule
(chris.rule at cascadebicycleclub.org, 206-371-1242) sent these two along: 

1. Comment on the SR-520 plan
currently under consideration by filling out this
online form; you can get a brief run-down of the issue from Cascade's site
at http://www.cascade.org//Advocacy/SR520.cfm, or call Chris with any

2. For those of you who are passionate about pedestrian issues, consider
attending Feet First/Great City's Nord Alley Party V
this Thursday, December 3rd to connect with some of the amazing
volunteers--many from within our own ranks--who are at the forefront of the
fight for increased pedestrian rights in the city. 

Also, if you haven't checked them out yet, three organizations that are well
represented within the McGinn for Mayor volunteer group and that are well
worth your time are the Sierra Club <http://cascade.sierraclub.org/> , the
Cascade Bicycle Club <http://www.cascade.org/> , and Great City
<http://www.greatcity.org/> , which is the non-profit that Mike quit his job
at Stokes-Lawrence to found. If you want someone to talk to personally in
any of those three, let me know and I can get you connected...and also
please let me know about organizations that you volunteer with and
opportunities that they have in the coming weeks so that I can include them
in these weekly E-mails until Organizing for Seattle launches officially in

Thanks again for being such an amazing group of volunteers, and let me know
if you have any questions/comments/concerns!

-Sol Villarreal

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