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As you know, the Senate and House adopted the 2009-11 state operating budget 
this past weekend and it has been sent to Governor Gregoire for her 
signature.  Today I spoke with LouOma Durand, Danielle King and Dean 
Stenehjem to determine how the operating budget will impact our programs and 

The School for the Blind took a hit of 4.8% (around $621,000).  This 
reduction will have the following impact on WSSB: elimination of the 
Eastside Regional Project: the TBVI position is being transferred to 
outreach contracted services; elimination of one teacher aide position; 
reduction in contracted mental health services; and elimination of all 
summer school programs: including Summer School, YES I, Sports Camp, etc. 
Dean will be looking for grant funding in order to try and offset these 

WTBBL and the Washington State Library did not fair as badly in this budget 
process as we once had feared.  There are two provisos in the Secretary of 
State's budget: one says that we will not reduce WTBBL services below the 
2008 budget level; and the other is that the Secretary of State will make 
the Elections Division a priority.  State Librarian Jan Walsh will be 
meeting with management staff tomorrow to determine exactly what cuts we 
might anticipate for the next biennium so stay tuned!

LouOma and her staff are still evaluating the impact of the operating budget 
on their services and programs but it appears that the budget cuts are not 
as severe as we had first heard.  This news along with the stimulus funding 
should help quite a bit in their efforts to serve their customers.  Of 
course we are delighted that the residential component of the Orientation 
and Training Center will continue in operation.  Last week we heard that 
Governor Gregoire had asked the Legislature to revive SB5995 which would 
have abolished or suspended many boards and commissions including the State 
Rehabilitation Council (SRC).  Fortunately, SB5995 was amended and the SRC 
did not go on the chopping block.

The Legislative Committee wants to thank all of you who made phone calls or 
sent emails to your Legislators during this very difficult budget time.  I 
believe that our efforts did make a difference!

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