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CEO Report 


>From Joni Earl 

April 24, 2009 

In this edition 

On July 18, Link trains roll 

Sound Transit bike policy updated 

Contract approved  for Tacoma-to-Lakewood rail improvements 

Radio ads honored 

Photo of the Week 

Sound Transit Board action from Thursday 

On July 18, Link trains roll 

The big day is set and we're ready to roll. On Saturday, July 18, passengers
will begin boarding Link light rail trains for the first time. This is a
historic event for the people of the region and we'll kick off that weekend
with free fares for all passengers. Regular fare service begins Monday, July
20. We're still working out the details for that weekend's celebration and
we'll let you know when the schedule is complete. Check
http://www.soundtransit.org/linklaunch for event details. 

Link trains will run between downtown Seattle and Tukwila, serving the
Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel, south Seattle, Beacon Hill, Rainier Valley
and Tukwila. By the end of this year, light rail will also extend to the
airport. In the meantime, a shuttle service will run between the
Tukwila/International Boulevard Station and the airport.  

Contract approved for Tacoma-to-Lakewood rail improvements 

Two issues that have generated interest in the region recently are federal
stimulus dollars and the much-needed improvements to the Tacoma-to-Lakewood
rail corridor. 

Those two issues merged Thursday when the Sound Transit Board, helped with
$4.6 million in federal stimulus package dollars, approved a contract for
track and signal improvements to the Tacoma-to-Lakewood corridor. Those
improvements will help bring Sounder commuter rail service to South Tacoma
and Lakewood. 

The stimulus money, along with other project savings, is helping close a
funding gap for work between D and M streets in Tacoma, which is needed to
expand Sounder service south by 2012. 

The $4.6 million grant is part the $23 million Sound Transit received in
federal stimulus funds. 

Sound Transit bike policy updated 

Bicycles are an important way for many people to reach our buses and trains.
That's a major reason why we convened a Bicycle Advisory Group this winter
to help us update our agency bicycle policies. The advisory group included
the Bicycle Alliance of Washington and Cascade Bicycle Club, transit
agencies, the Puget Sound Regional Council and the City of Seattle. 

The result of their work is a revised bicycle policy that was approved
Thursday by the Sound Transit Board. 

The updated bicycle policy builds on the basic elements that include: 

*	Safe and direct access to stations 

*	Consistent, reliable access on buses and trains 

*	Safe and convenient ways to secure bicycles on buses and trains 

*	Designing transit facilities to handle bicycles and pedestrians. 

The updated policy encourages local actions that support convenient and safe
bicycle facilities, promote bicycle connections between regional transit
facilities and nearby neighborhoods, and incorporate bicycle access and
secure storage in all Sound Transit facilities. 

Radio ads honored 

You've probably heard and enjoyed our radio ads over the years. I am pleased
to announce that ads from last year's radio campaign were finalists in three
categories in the 24th Annual Soundie Awards sponsored by the Puget Sound
Radio Broadcasters Association. Our "Small Victories" radio spots won a
Soundie in the "Best Campaign" category. Congratulations to staff and the
Copacino + Fujikado ad agency. 

Photo of the Week 

The Sound Transit Board just approved an updated bicycle policy. Our photo
this week shows a rider using an ST Express bike rack. 


The Sound Transit Board on Thursday: 

*	Approved the acquisition, disposal or lease of certain real property
interests by negotiated purchase, by condemnation (including settlement), by
condemnation litigation, or by administrative settlement; and to pay
eligible relocation and re-establishment benefits to affected parties as
necessary for the Sounder Commuter Rail D to M Street Track & Signal

*	Approved an increase in the contingency for the contract with GE
Transportation Systems Global Signaling, LLC for the construction of the
Train Signal System for the Central Link Light Rail Initial Segment in the
amount of $1,700,000 for a new total authorized contract amount not to
exceed $37,624,386. 

*	Approved a sole source contract amendment with GE Transportation
Systems Global Signaling, LLC for construction of the train signal system to
be integrated with the planned yard expansion for North Link and University
Link in the amount of $1,996,269, with a contingency of $103,731, totaling
$2,100,000, for a new total authorized  amount not to exceed $39,724,386. 

*	Approved a contract amendment with Northlink Transit Partners, Joint
Venture for additional funding in order to provide Early Work (Advanced
Preliminary Engineering) on the North Link extension from the University of
Washington Station (to the portal for the North Link tunnels near Interstate
5 and NE 76th Street in the amount of $2,898,800, with a contingency of
$289,880 totaling $3,188,680, for a new total authorized  amount not to
exceed $53,529,269. 

*	Approved a contract with HDR Engineering, Inc. to provide additional
design services during construction for the M Street-to-Lakewood Track and
Signal project in the amount of $477,477 with a 10 percent contingency of
$47,748 totaling $525,225 for a new total authorized  amount not to exceed

*	Approved a contract  with Railworks Track Systems, Inc. to provide
construction services for the M Street-to-Lakewood Track & Signal project in
the amount of $33,983,334 with a 10 percent contingency of $3,398,333 for a
total authorized  amount not to exceed $37,381,667. 

*	Heard continuing comments from residents, neighborhoods and
businesses on various East Link alignment alternatives, impacts and
concerns. The Sound Transit Board will consider the selection of a "Locally
Preferred Alternative" route in May as part of the East Link Environmental
Impact Statement process that continues into 2010. 

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