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Subject: GLOBAL GREEN LECTURE-Helle Søholt- April 29th

The Green Futures Lab at the University of Washington and the International
Sustainability Institute invite you to:

GLOBAL GREEN: A lecture/panel series showcasing Sustainable Planning and
Design in the Pacific Northwest and Denmark

Guest Lecture by Helle Søholt, Architect, MAA Partner and Managing Director,
Gehl Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
7:00–8:30 PM
Architecture Hall, Room 147
University of Washington, Seattle

Danish architect Helle Søholt will present a series of recommendations for
improving the pedestrian experience within Seattle. Drawing from experience
in cities around the globe, Ms. Søholt will illustrate the relationships
between urban walkability and vibrant public life.
Helle Søholt is a founding partner at Gehl Architects, a firm renowned for
its influence on urban life and public space. Gehl Architects' 
unique methodology uses empirical survey and mapping methods to measure the
human experience of urban space, and applies these lessons to their urban
design solutions. Ms. Søholt has extensive experience consulting on
international urban design projects. She has taught both Urban Design Theory
and Studio Work, and is a frequent lecturer and keynote speaker. 
She received a MA in Architecture and Urban Design from the Royal Academy of
Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark as well as a MArch from the University of

For more information, visit www.be.washington.edu

The Green Futures Lab would like to thank our co-sponsors for this
event: The Scan|Design Foundation; The Northwest Danish Foundation;
International Sustainability Institute; UW College of Built Environments; UW
Department of Landscape Architecture; and the UW Scandinavian Studies

To request disability accommodations contact the UW Disability Services
Office at least 10 days in advance of the event.
Phone - 206.543.6450
Fax - 206.685.7264
TTY - 206.543.6452
or contact: dso at u.washington.edu
This lecture is free and open to the public.

* Ms. Søholt will also be speaking on improving the Seattle pedestrian
experience on April 27th at 7 pm at the Nordic Heritage Museum. For more
information on that event, please contact Charlotte Lehman at
charlotte at nordicmuseum.org


The Urban Land Institute is also hosting a breakfast discussion on Green
Infrastructure on the morning of April 29th. Details and a link are below:

*ULI Seattle - Green Infrastructure: Thinking Beyond the Grid* Keynote
Speaker: Jonathan F.P. Rose, President, Jonathan Rose Companies LLC

April 29, 2009
7:00 - 9:00 AM
Renaissance Seattle Hotel
515 Madison Street, Madison Ballroom, Seattle, WA http://seattle.uli.org/

Our region faces the same challenge that communities across the country
face: how to grow without sacrificing the natural, historic, and cultural
features that improve our quality of life and bolster the economy.

Green infrastructure represents a reorientation from conventional thinking
to smarter and lower-impact investments that provide multiple benefits, add
value to development, and enhance the overall quality of life of our
communities, This informative session will inspire us to take a new look at
our regional opportunities by thinking beyond the grid.

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority is looking to green
infrastructure as the answer "to achieve sustainability, create more livable
communities, and maintain [its] global economic dominance."

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