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Five members of the WA State School for the Blind Lions POWERLIFTING Team have qualified for Team USA’s team of blind athletes to compete at the World Blind Championships this July, against 10 other nations (see www.usaba.org and click on "Powerlifting")
7th IBSA men/Women's Powerlifting Championships
For Blind and Visually Impaired Athletes
July 7 – 11, 2009 ~ Miami, Florida, USA 
They are now fund-raising to earn $1,110 per athlete for the chance to represent the United States of America on this world stage.   
These students would be happy to come and speak to your organization before or after they compete.  They include: Sunny Aparece of Vancouver, Tyler Shepard of Tacoma (both 2008 USABA Powerlifting Team USA members), Chris Green and Sarah Bair of Spokane, and TJ Breitenfeldt of Yakima.  
Contact:  Lions Coach Judy Koch Smith, 360-696-6321, extension 192 or at koch6111 at comcast.net ; donations to “WSSB Powerlifting” will be greatly appreciated.  

Paul Van Dyck

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Subject: [nfbwatlk] Expense per Lifter to attend the (3) (2)

Here is a request for donations from the WSSB Power Lifting Team. You

may want to invite these athletes to speak to your chapter. Also ,

ofcourse if you can help them out that would be greatly appreciated.

Remember we need to get yuong folk involved.


Doug T. 


April 10, 2009

Dear Friends & Supporters:  

Seven (7) student Powerlifters from the WA State School for the Blind

have recently qualified for Team USA powerlifting, based on their

performances in USAPL competition in Washington State. 

They have been invited, with one coach, to join Team USA to compete

against 10 other nations this summer.  (See www.usaba.org

  and click on "Powerlifting")

Below is a list of the 'bare bones' expenses that we have IF flights to

Miami from the west coast are booked soon.  

Expense per Lifter to attend the: 

7th IBSA Men/Women's Powerlifting Championships

For Blind and Visually Impaired Athletes

July 7 - 11, 2009 ~ Miami, Florida, USA 

1.  Lodging, $60/night (per person sharing rooms) X 5 nights,

....... = $300.00

2.  Meet Registration ..................................  $140.00

3.  Airport transport: $10 each way ................  $20/athlete

4.  Banquet ($35.00) and meet shirt ($15.00) = $50.00

5.  Airfare estimate:  .................................... $350.00

6.  Food/incidentals estimate @ $50 per day ... $250.00

TOTAL:  $1,110 per person 

The coach does not pay the meet registration fee, so her/his expenses

will be around $1,000.00.  

Cost for all seven athletes is $7,770, so that our total fund-raising

goal is $8,770.  

Our students will be happy to come and speak to your organization if

that is convenient for you.  They include: Sunny Aparece, Tyler Shepard

(2008 USABA Powerlifting Team USA members), Chris Green, Sarah Bair, TJ

Breitenfeldt, William Henry and Andrew McDonald.  

Thus far WSSB Coach Judy Koch Smith and Team Mom Judi Buetow are

committed to attending this meet to help Team USA.  

We deeply appreciate your contributions for our athletes in any amount

that you are able to donate.  Attached are statements from some of the

Powerlifters who hope to compete on this world stage this summer.  


Judy Koch Smith, WSSB Lions Powerlifting Coach

360-696-6321, extension 192; judy.koch-smith at wssb.wa.org 

April 8, 2009

Dear Ridgefield Lions:

My name is Chris Green.  I think it is a great honor to go to the

World's Powerlifting Meet for Blind Athletes in Miami this summer.  I

think of it as a privilege to be chosen to be a part of Team USA,

because it shows that they think I can do great.  I truly think that I

can do a good job, and if not I will be giving it 110% anyway.  This

will be a great event to attend because it shows that blind people are

still represented and shining in sports.  

I will need partial support for food and lodging, as these are very

expensive.  My family and I are working on airfare, but I may also need

support with getting gear.  Any help with any of these expenses would be

greatly appreciated. 

If someone helps me with these expenses, it shows that they believe that

I can compete and they trust that I will do great and expect me to

represent the blind community proudly and strongly.  It also shows that

they have support for any blind athlete in general.


Chris Green, 16 years old

WSSB Powerlifter and member of Team USA


April 8, 2009

Dear Lions Club:

I am a student at the Washington State School for the Blind, and I would

like to go to the World's Power-lifting Meet and compete with the U.S.A.

Power-lifting team, because I want to challenge myself farther.  This

means a lot to me because if I get to go I will be able to compete

against other blind and visually impaired people from all over the

world.  I need your help to get there.  The total amount of money that

we need to raise is $1,100 per athlete.  So I would like to ask for your

help to support or finance me.  Please do this so I may compete in this

meet.  It would be beneficial to me in that it would give me the

experience of meeting and competing against people from around the

world.  Our team would be very grateful to you for your help!  


TJ Breitenfeldt , 15 years old

WSSB Lions Powerlifting team


April 8, 2009

Dear Ridgefield Lions, 

I have the opportunity to compete on the USA Team in Miami once again

this year.  I am hoping to go this year because it was fun last year;

however, that isn't the only reason.

Powerlifting makes me a stronger and tougher person, and the more time I

can spend powerlifting the better.  Also I feel a wonderful sense of

accomplishment knowing that I'm a good enough lifter to compete at the

World Championship.  I am happy to be doing so well at something I like!

I am raising some of the money needed along with the rest of the team,

but I don't have the money to pay for it myself.  Would you please make

a donation to help pay for me to go to Worlds?  Believe me, it would

definitely be greatly appreciated.  Every student needs $1,100 to pay

for their airfare, food, lodging, and gear.  If you have any questions,

call Coach Judy Koch-Smith at 360-696-6321 extension 192.


Sunny Aparece, 15 years old

Team USA Powerlifting and WSSB Lions


April 8, 2009

Dear Friend of Blind Athletes,

I feel that the World Powerlifting Meet is very beneficial for me

because of several reasons.  Being on Team USA is so cool because you

get to represent your country on the world stage.  I feel that this meet

will be beneficial for me because I'll represent the United States at an

international competition; it is like being in the Olympics!  

In order to get to Worlds, I need some financial assistance.  Our budget

is 1100 dollars per person in order to get to this meet in Miami,


So I ask you, are you willing to help us in this venture?  This is a

'once in a lift-time' opportunity to show our national pride on the

world stage.  


Tyler Shepard, 17 years old

Lions and Team USA Powerlifter


April 9, 2009

Hello.  My name is Sarah Bair.  This is my first year of powerlifting,

and I have kind of noticed that powerlifting is mostly a "guy" sport.

So I feel really accomplished being one of a few girls to have the

opportunity to go to the Worlds competition.  It would be really awesome

to be able to go and show all these boys that girls can lift as much as


I would appreciate any support that you can give our team to get to

Miami this summer.  


Sarah Bair, 16 years old

Washington State School for the Blind


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