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My understanding from this distant vantage point, is that this
particular individual, through the non-responsiveness of his attorney,
has rebuffed the offers of support extended to him by both the NFBW and
the WCB. I'd quit worrying about him. He's obviously not interested in
the valuable collective experience of our community; be sure, human
nature will dictate that he'll be in touch if circumstances ever find
him in really desperate times. Unfortunately, that tends to be when
people seek us out. I think our affiliate has been as proactive in this
matter as is reasonable to expect of us. In fact, it would be
presumptuous of us not to honor his clear indication that he wants to go
this one alone--whether or not this is ultimately in his personal best
interest or that of our community in general.

Dan Frye 

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What happened to the blind teacher from Kent?  Was he able to keep his
job or was he released?


Bob Sellers



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