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t-link/> Representative Simpson Defends East Link! 

Publicola reports that Geoff Simpson, (D-47th), is
<http://publicola.net/?p=4176> stepping up to the plate! He's got an
amendment with over thirty signatures to counter Rep. Clibborn's attack.

We're told that we need calls to YOUR representatives RIGHT NOW to convince
them to sign on, as they don't have much time to get on board the quickly
lengthening train and join the majority of the region to support East Link!

Please take a moment and make a call or email each of your two
representatives - ask them to sign Simpson's amendment to protect light
rail. You can find them with this
<http://apps.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/Default.aspx> handy district finder.

Check out more at the link below...
The Mass Transit Now Team
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