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Subject: Students with Disabilites: Mentoring Possibilities for Work and Education


Students with Disabilities:
Mentoring Possibilities for Work and Education

Sponsored by:

Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation
University of Washington


A teleconference series packed full of important information!

Speaker's Bio's<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001fw6RksJtAGxSvBYkK8keJ3v-OQLyQIgqFhFXx61rG5PkeaE6I5Zm1uA5UaklBDuFQBwtJJz5yrCLuX_IssE2_3pslczHnK8LHDX7Bmneu3hAN2yVPXiiFF-a3cW3fqpxM6_x2vZS4NxzDWFcZtlHE2hH2ZSTD2r9WdsT68oflk4=>

Register Now!<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001fw6RksJtAGyIVkUtNkeADGyKj1CpoVHf0voHnD3lwvObRRHcLirKZ5w7PWUp16BOTR1DRD922ruzkoKFfvNeL61S8bbH3xw6WswxCQPvoHiYrHb1WBHV95Ua6jP3Ks2j>

A five part series on Methods for E-Mentoring, Job Shadowing, Apprenticeships and Providing Valuable Work and Educational Experience

Teleconference Series:
 January 7, 14, 21, 28 and February 4, 2009
2-3:30 PM PST all five days

Registration Fee: $120.00
Register Now!<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001fw6RksJtAGyIVkUtNkeADGyKj1CpoVHf0voHnD3lwvObRRHcLirKZ5w7PWUp16BOTR1DRD922ruzkoKFfvNeL61S8bbH3xw6WswxCQPvoHiYrHb1WBHV95Ua6jP3Ks2j>

Barb McClannahan
Debbie Stevens
Dr. Margo Vreeburg Izzo
Dr. Shepherd Siegel
David Kvasager
David Barton

January7, 2009:
Barb McClannahan, Employment Partnership Consultant with the Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Debbie Stevens, Career Services Coordinator with William Penn University. Barb and Debbie will share their unique approach to e-mentoring (via email) of students working for a rural manufacturer. Their program includes training of students and mentors and includes the teacher in all communications.

January 14,2009:
Margo Vreeburg Izzo, Research Scientist and Program Manager for the Special Education and Transition area at the Nisonger Center, at Ohio State University. Margo presents on an e-mentoring program for high school students with disabilities preparing to transition to college.

January 21, 2009:
Shep Siegel, leader of career and technical education for Seattle Public Schools, and former San Francisco manager of the Marriott Foundation's Bridges from School to Work, will describe the Career Ladders program.

January 28, 2009:
David Barton, coordinator of the ADA Partners Project in Anchorage and David Kvasager, statewide Vocational Rehabilitation Transition Coordinator,  present some perspectives on work experiences for students with disabilities. David Barton discusses the successes of Mentoring Day in Anchorage using a 'job shadowing' model.  David Kvasager will focus on the use of apprenticeships, generally with large employers, union shops and the building trades.

February 4, 2009:
Shep Siegel presents on Career and Technical Education (CTE) for Students With Disabilities: The Building Blocks Of Career + Technical Education That Serves All Students

For More information contact:

* John McClure
* e-mail - mccluj at u.washington.edu * phone - (425) 774-4446

For Registration Information Contact
Tammi Olson tammio at u.washington.edu

Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation
University of Washingon
6912 220th Street SW, Suite 105
Mountlake Terrace, Washington 98043
Contact tammio at u.washington.edu<mailto:tammio at u.washington.edu>  for more information or to register
425-774-4446  TTY: 425-771-7438

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