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We'll be zipping all over the US tonight with the help of Gary the Board 
and his little elves.  We'll start with Steven Guerra who'll tell us 
new at Independent Living Aids, then zip down to Florida to meet Gary
Finfrock, a very fine potter who is blind, and while we're in Florida, 
stop off at Debbie Hazelton's to see what beautiful and healthy things 
very talented hands are creating these days.

Next, we'll go out to Minnesota to visit with Kelly Dunn and hear what 
and Earle Harrison have cooked up this year for great mobile and Braille
solutions.  J. J. Meddaugh, a familiar voice to ACB Radio, will join us
after Kelly to tell us about blind bargains, it's a great site and I'm
becoming addicted to it.  Finally, we'll end up with our good friend, 
you don't need sight to cook dinner tonight Dale Campbell!  He and his 
at the Blind Mice mart are very busy I'm sure, and he'll have lots of 
stuff and maybe a quick and easy holiday recipe to share.

Grab your slate and stylus, Brailler, sharpie, recorder or what ever you 
to take notes!  I sure hope Gary the Board guy will be taking notes; I 
there's a lot coming up we'd all like to have, and since he has Santa's 
well, I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

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UTC on Monday mornings.  The program is also available via ACB Radio 
and podcasts.

Please feel free to share this note with others whom you think may be
interested, and thank you so very much for your ongoing support of my 
Radio work.



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