[nfbwatlk] Art for Blind People

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Fri Dec 12 04:13:21 UTC 2008

Wow.  That's neat that there's so much of it in your building.

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> Noel's recent post reminded me about getting art for blind people in the 
> office building.  They had a contest and it appears that the winner of 
> their
> art for blind people piece was hung upstairs at the back of the building
> where very few consumers have the ability to access it.
> In just the past week the building were I live, which is a multi-income
> building.  I can't tell you its' exact description, but the vast majority 
> of
> us have some sort of rent subsidy it was built by King County and managed 
> by
> a private company, new art was hung.  In other words there was a budget 
> for
> art, but not a huge one.  I could hardly believe it; they had hung small
> sculptures in the foyers across from the elevators.  I checked out all the
> floors, and each has its' own sculpture.  It is totally accessible, 
> tactile
> metal sculptures that are smooth to the touch and pleasing to the eye.  It
> is art for blind people.  When I thanked management for providing art that
> is accessible to blind people, they were confused at first, but then a 
> light
> bulb slowly lit above their heads.  Another great example of art for blind
> people is at the back of the lobby on the Far East wall of the Metro 
> Transit
> building on 2nd and Jackson St. in down town Seattle.
> I am sure the sculptures in my building are not super expensive or they
> would not be on every floor.  The art at 2nd and Jackson might be.
> I feel that the public does not realize that blind people can enjoy art in
> public places as much as anyone else if it is accessible, but no 
> accessible
> art for blind people in inexcusable.  Prejudice and ignorance keep it from
> the blind population in the general public, but what is the reason at DSB?
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