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Subject: Preferred Provider Qualification Sessions for Washington DSB


Preferred Provider Vendor Qualification Sessions

Sponsored by:

Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation

Next Session:
Vancouver, WA
Services for the Blind Vancouver Office
2214 East 13th Street, Suite 208
Vancouver, WA 98661
Phone 360-696-6238

All Sessions:
Click Here to
Register Now!<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0019LvHT6dmrG8JE7jhTD02sGlJVB4UWF0oecW8NZUE7O2X5PM375L9aw6ZXCXEWLQqzCErcZ6dvEJlavKRCNXSp-xler5KKhdGkrK-0E9C8WVRmvkm_5fxVzPW5Hbj51pIR2AYlyaR4co=>

Vancouver January  13
Everett   January  27
Seattle   February 10
Spokane   February 24
Yakima    March    10
Olympia   March    24

Understanding Blindness for Successful Employment Outcomes

CCER and the Washington State Department of Services for the Blind (DSB) are partnering to establish a Preferred Provider List of qualified Job Development specialists to work with DSB participants to assist them in achieving successful employment outcomes.   Individual Job Developers will be qualified for the Preferred Provider List (PPL) of vendors with DSB in all areas of the state.  Preferred Providers will be the first choice of referral for DSB participants to Job Development Services.

These one-day training sessions will assist vendors to understand:

* The wide range of abilities of people with blindness and low vision
* How people are able to work using a variety of strategies and tailored accommodations
* Low and high tech accommodations
* Employer questions and answers
And much....much....more!
Vendors will have a chance to explore everything they wanted to know about blindness, but were afraid to ask.

Sessions will also focus on methods to establish an effective working relationship between the person with the disability, the DSB counselor, and the vendor in order to maximize the likelihood of getting a job that fits the goals of each.

These one day sessions will be repeated at least 6 times in multiple regions of the state.

Click here to see agenda<http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=0019LvHT6dmrG_Wr8TEGez4k2spT8sQuSvewzK0xz4LQLUcSX4LzoN0QrAFVuR0iCQdROFtWprpbfEJJjsI2udxAXMKF9uU9UFkt-M91c_FRaAwFcPMd_7KrQpI2QR9THI9Md2vJKWDTX9gc_TA8A9kfb9H-yIEZkOutWJXvA2a-oU=>

Session details:

All course materials included
Lunch and morning coffee service provided

Fee:  $65 including lunch and breaks
$10 per person discount for agencies sending
 3 or more participants

All sessions begin at 9:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM.

Vancouver training location:
Services for the Blind Vancouver Office
2214 East 13th Street, Suite 208
Vancouver, WA 98661
Phone 360-696-6238

Everett training location:
CCER Central Office
6912 220th St. SW Suite 105
Mountlake Terrace, WA  98043

Seattle training location:
Services for the Blind Seattle Office
3411 S. Alaska Street
Seattle, WA  98118

Yakima training location:
DSHS Building
West Entrance
First floor conference room
1002 N. 16th Avenue
Yakima, WA

Other locations will be announced when they are set.
All registrants will be notified as soon as locations are final.

Who Should Attend?

Sessions are designed for individual vendors who wish to develop employment for people with blind or low vision disabilities.

Each individual who completes this one day session will receive a certificate of completion from CCER.  Individual placement specialists will need to complete the training to qualify as a Preferred Provider.  Organizations and individual vendors will also need to meet the basic vendor qualification standards as prescribed by DSB to be considered a vendor in good standing.

For More information contact:

* Katie Cissell, Training Specialist
* e-mail - cissek at u.washington.edu * phone - (425) 771-7425

For questions about the DSB Preferred Provider List and qualifications process, please contact:
* Mark Adreon, Communication & Employer Consultant
* e-mail - maradreon at dsb.wa.gov
* phone - (206) 721-6410

Center for Continuing Education in Rehabilitation
University of Washingon
6912 220th Street SW, Suite 105
Mountlake Terrace, Washington 98043
Contact tammio at u.washington.edu<mailto:tammio at u.washington.edu>  for more information or to register
425-774-4446  TTY: 425-771-7438

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