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As mentioned in the April 15 open letter from President Riccobono [2],
RAINN, the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization, is
partnering with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) to gather
feedback from the blind community, including NFB members and nonmembers, in
a climate assessment survey to help inform recommendations for further
sexual misconduct prevention and response programming. This effort will
assist in determining additional and continuous training, which will
ultimately provide consistency across the organization. This is a baseline
measurement to target our future efforts and will continue to be assessed
as a component of our accountability measures. 

All responses go directly to RAINN and are completely anonymous. RAINN will
deliver a report detailing findings and implications that will be shared at
the time of our 2021 national convention. 


Participate in the assessment survey either via the web or by phone. It
will take approximately thirty to forty-five minutes. Please complete by
Wednesday, May 12, 2021. For the web*, use the following link:
https://nfb.org/civicrm/mailing/url?u=20938&qid=5223918 [3] 

*Web survey note: if completing the survey with a screen reader, a helpful
tip when currently navigating pages in SurveyMonkey is to press
Control+Home before answering the next set of questions. 

The survey may also be completed over the phone by calling 229-632-7878 or
toll-free 833-632-7878. Please note that the phone number above provides
the survey in an automated system and will require the survey to be
completed at one time. There is an option to pause the survey for five
minutes and the pause can be extended as needed. Push # for help. 

Your participation in the survey is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your
commitment to the movement. For more information on our safety and support
initiatives, please visit nfb.org/survivors [4]. 

_RAINN provides 24/7 support to anyone affected by sexual violence in any
way through the National Sexual Assault Hotline which is free,
confidential, and anonymous. If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with
any issues related to sexual violence, contact RAINN's hotline via
telephone, 1.800.656.HOPE (4673), or through the online English hotline or
online Spanish hotline._ 



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[1] https://nfb.org/civicrm/mailing/url?u=20939&qid=5223918
[2] https://nfb.org/civicrm/mailing/url?u=20927&qid=5223918
[3] https://nfb.org/civicrm/mailing/url?u=20938&qid=5223918
[4] https://nfb.org/civicrm/mailing/url?u=20929&qid=5223918
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